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December 03, 2012

The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Takes a New Road

IMG_0010Calistoga, California: Nissan’s fourth-generation Pathfinder is completely new—and different in ways that will appeal to more women and families. The SUV weighs less, has more room and gets better fuel efficiency than the model it replaces. What’s also appealing is some clever cargo features and technology capabilities that you can’t find anywhere else in the mid-sized SUV segment. The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder is available in 2WD and 4WD versions and starts at a base MSRP of $28,270, while top-of-the-line Platinum versions start at $40,770. Its competitors are the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot/Passport, Toyota Highlander/4Runner, and the Chevy Traverse/Trailblazer.

IMG_0082 Nissan brought a group of automotive testers to the Solage Calistoga Hotel and Spa to cool our heels at night in quiet luxury, and spend our days motoring on the Calistoga Wine Trail, along twisty and scenic coastal routes. We also drove the 4WD version of the Pathfinder on the dirt track of a nearby ranch, and used the SUV to tow a trailer to assess its pulling prowess. Just as many modern SUVs have evolved, the Pathfinder’s looks have changed to give it a more car-like, crossover appearance. The new model is lighter by some 500 pounds, more aerodynamic, and has changed from body-on-frame architecture to a unibody build; this makes it ride less like a truck and more like a minivan. Pathfinder’s front end is distinguished by an attractive curved grille, dominated by a large Nissan badge and backed by a black honeycomb design; it stretches like a pair of wings across the entire front end. Large halogen headlamps wrap around to the sides. Optional fog lamps are mounted in the lower part of the grille. The roofline slants downward from the shoulders to the tail end, giving the Pathfinder a more coupe-like stature despite its longer, three-row size. Character lines scoop out the middle section like a waist, and the rear liftback has an integrated spoiler. Standard wheels are 18-inch alloys, with bold 20-inch wheels available on the highest-end models. Inside, Pathfinder is bigger than the previous generation version by 8.4 cubic feet overall, and there is ample room for seven passengers in the three rows of seats.

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October 12, 2012

Infographic: Firestone's Fall Car Care Month Tips

CL81952-INFO-thumbTo celebrate Fall Car Care Month, Firestone Complete Auto Care™ is offering a car care infographic and key tips for consumers to keep their vehicles running newer, longer and to encourage safe seasonal driving.  This graphic highlights some areas of car care that Jane Q. Driver (myself included) may be neglecting!  When is the last time you had your tires rotated?  Checked your coolant level?  If the answer is "probably too long," you're not alone.  Check out the graphic for more tidbits and tips

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September 17, 2012

This Malibu Mom's No Crash Test Dummy

Moms-of-malibuForgive me for the wacky title, I just couldn't resist.  I follow the "Faces of GM" videos fairly regularly, and whenever they feature an employee I think you'll get a kick out of, I always try to share.  This one's about Julie Kleinert, one of the Malibu Moms: she helped develop the 2013 Malibu and proudly points to little things making child safety simpler for parents, and big things, like advanced crash dummies, that make child passengers safer.

It's no secret that the crash test side of GM has long been a fascination of mine.  I've written about it here on several occasions, and this time is no exception.  I think these engineers - both male and female, mind you - have pretty much the coolest job in the world.  Julie and the rest of the Malibu Moms:  You go, girls!

Check out the video past the jump.

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September 14, 2012

Infographic: The Secret Driving Habits of Men and Women

Secret-lives-of-drivers-thumbI've said it before and I'll say it again.  We love infographics!  This one comes from the good folks at, and it's a pretty fun one, even if it does deal with a serious subject: distracted driving.  They surveyed 2000 people to find out just how many distractions they take with them behind the wheel.  We've all seen the traffic-light makeup job, but ever wonder how many men shave while driving?  From the choice of footwear (or lack thereof) to eating behind the wheel, the Confused pollsters got the dirt, and then asked the big question:  "Do you think your driving habits are risky?" 

How did they answer?  More importantly, how would you answer?  Let us know in the comments, and hit the jump for the infographic in all its glory.

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September 06, 2012

Infographic: Dissecting a Crash Test Dummy

Dissecting-Crash-Test-Dummy-800Let's talk about crash test dummies!  No, I'm not talking about the band, or the stars of the safety belt ad series of the 80's, but the real deal.  Most people don't know much about how amazing these dummies are(for example they can record over 30,000 data points in a single crash). The great folks over at have created an infographic (and you know how much I love infographics) that's all about the crash test dummies that make our lives safer behind the wheel.

Head past the jump and take a look!

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September 04, 2012

5 Apps to Help Upgrade Your Morning Commute

Iphone4Between skyrocketing gas prices and gridlock traffic, there’s nothing fun about your morning commute. Wish you could stop the pain at the pump and skip the congestion? Try these five tools and apps for drivers, and you just might find yourself with a more restful, enjoyable daily commute.

Waze. Skip the congestion with Waze, which analyzes the GPS location of all other users to predict traffic and other road data. The app also uses crowdsourcing and user-feedback to help you find the quickest route to work, and will even redirect you with turn-by-turn directions when users report an accident or other event.

Gas Price Locator. Score the lowest price per gallon each time you fill up using Allstate’s gas price locator: Just enter your zip code to find the lowest reported gas price in your area. I did a recent check of Washington, DC gas prices and found prices ranging from $3.73 near Georgetown to just $3.57 in Bethesda, MD.

TrapsterWe don’t encourage speeding at Allstate (obviously), but, beyond identifying speed traps and red light cameras, this app helps you spot and report road hazards, children at play, road construction sites and, even, road kill. Trapster pools information from over 16.5 million drivers to give you an early warning to potential road hazards.

Motion X GPS Drive. Go ahead and list your old GPS on eBay; you won’t need it once you download Motion X. This app combines turn-by-turn instructions with Inrix traffic data, posted speed limits (it gives you a warning when you exceed the limit), and, along with a boatload of other features, the option to check-in on Facebook when you arrive at your destination. The learning curve is a bit steep on this one. Once you’ve mastered the app, however, I bet you’ll never drive without it.

ParkWhiz. ParkWhiz let’s you find and reserve a guaranteed parking space before you reach your destination. Search results reflect real-time parking availability at 1000+ parking facilities across the country (though heaviest in Chicago). Knowing that a guaranteed parking spot will be waiting for you when you arrive can certainly take the edge off an early morning commute.

What is your must-have commuter app?

Pamela Reyhan is the manager of digital content strategy for the Allstate Blog, which helps people prepare for the unpredictability of life. She loves all things digital, is the mother of twin girls and is a former Diet Coke addict

August 20, 2012

SEMA Women’s Build and MagnaFlow

Image003At MagnaFlow, we take quality seriously - and this includes the involvement of women in our company. From the board of directors to our tech team and production lines, women are a large asset to everything that we do. Not only does it bring unique perspectives to our work and designs, but we women know how to keep the guys in the office in line and focused on the next step. MagnaFlow has a rich history, with over 30 years of excellence in the aftermarket performance industry and we know what it takes to keep a company like this at the top of its game.

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August 15, 2012 Automotive Advice for Women Launches All-New Website - New Features Help Empower Women on Automotive Topics Inc., a website, blog, and online resource that serves as a safe haven for women to get advice on car purchases, preventative maintenance and repairs, and other automotive related topics, is pleased to announce the unveiling of the all-new website featuring an updated interface, enhanced usability, and all new features including the Car Buying Marketplace powered by

Visitors to's new enhanced website will now be able to easily navigate through their sizeable archive of automotive advice articles, listen to the monthly Automotive Advice for Women radio show, and get advice from the AskPatty Panel of expert women, all in a sleek and simple new interface, designed with an eye on simplicity and functionality. The new site features greater search engine optimization and many localization features such as geo-located search results, guiding women to content that is relevant to them, wherever in North America they may be. Other new features include:

Lemonfree-logo-smallIntegration with the search engine, enabling women to easily find a Certified Female Friendly retailer near them with a new geo-located search function.
The all new Ask Patty Car Buying Marketplace powered by LemonFree, a geo-located new vehicle search engine enabling consumer women to shop for cars at Certified Female Friendly dealers nearby without leaving the site.

An improved Automotive Advice interface enabling women to more easily ask car care questions and get answers from the AskPatty Panel of Expert Women.

“We're a company that thrives on educating and empowering women in the automotive market, and the website is the nerve center of that effort,” continues DeVere. "With this new website, we hope not only to expand our own web presence, but to really enhance the experience of every woman who touches the site, whether she's looking for advice, shopping for a new car, tires, seeking a reliable mechanic, or just Googling one of our many car and truck review articles featured the AskPatty blog.”

The new features of can be seen at the company's official site,

About, Inc.
With international headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California,, Inc. takes a two-pronged approach to revolutionizing the women's automotive retail market: For consumers, the website is a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research. For auto dealers, tire centers, collision repair, and automotive service and repair centers the revolutionary Certified Female Friendly® program trains providers on how to attract and sell to women customers and bolster customer loyalty and retention.
Women can find an Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly® auto dealers, tire centers, collision repair, and automotive service and repair centers using the location search at

AskPatty® and Certified Female Friendly® are registered trademarks of, Inc.

About LemonFree
LemonFree is an automotive search engine that aims to change the story of buying a car. At, they understand how important and difficult buying a car can be, so they aim to help make it as simple and easy a process, any way they can. At, the focus is on improving the car buying experience by listening to customer feedback, and changing the way vehicles are listed online, to make car shopping a pleasant experience. They also offer a LemonFree certification to dealerships, aiming to improve the car shopping experience for all consumers.

July 25, 2012

Join AskPatty for a Car Care Beach Party on Twitter!

Join Ask Patty for a Car Care Beach Party on Twitter!

Road trips. Boardwalks. Surf, sun, and sand. Ask Patty brings the beach to you - kind of! Join us for a Twitter Party where the topic is car care, but the atmosphere is purely coastal. Lounge on Tweet Beach with us and stick an umbrella in your coffee while we talk cars. Experts will be on hand to answer your car care questions, and you'll love playing our Endless Summer Beach Trivia game to test your knowledge of everything beach-related! Win great prizes, including a car care beach bucket full of great products.

Your hosts for the #APBeachParty Twitter Party

  • Auto Experts from the Ask Patty Panel of Expert Women
  • Jody DeVere, (@askpatty)
  • Kaeli Gardner, (@askpattykaeli)
  • And others!

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June 25, 2012

Infographic: The Science Behind Seat Belts

Seat-Belt-Science-300-200x155The awesome graphical-engineers at have done it again, and produced a new snazzy and informative infographic!  From how they work, to statistics about lives saved by their use, and even including a state-by-state breakdown of seat belt laws, the message of this graphic is clear:  Seat belts save lives.  Hit the jump to see the graphic.

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