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February 03, 2021

Not a fan of Valentine's Day? Here are 10 lesser-known February holidays you should be celebrating instead.

February means candy hearts, roses, flowers, balloons, lots of chocolates, and romance – but some of us couldn’t be less interested in Valentine’s Day, regardless of relationship status. If you’re not a fan of chalky hearts that say “Be Mine” and “XOXO,” we’d like to welcome you to February in a new way. Here are 10 other lesser-known holidays this month you can celebrate instead of Valentine’s Day. Celebrate them all – go crazy, you deserve it. Valentine’s Day has had its time in the spotlight.


National Hedgehog Day – February 2
February 2nd is known to most of us as Groundhog Day, but there’s another cute critter who tends to live in Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow – if you’ll pardon the pun. Hedgehogs are absolutely adorable little balls of quills that have become much more popular as pets in recent years. This day is set aside just for them.


National Ukulele Day – February 2
This is another holiday that falls on the 2nd, but we couldn’t resist including it as well. The 2nd is also dedicated to the ukulele, that cute Hawaiian stringed instrument which is also seeing a resurgence in popularity today. Why not compose a ukulele ballad for your new hedgehog?

World Cancer Day – February 4
An important day for anyone who has been affected by cancer – and that’s most of us. Sooner or later, it seems that cancer will have an impact on everyone’s life, and that’s why World Cancer Day was established to continue to raise awareness and work towards a cure.

World Nutella Day – February 5
For those of you who don’t know, Nutella is a tasty spread flavored with cocoa and hazelnut, and it’s just about the best thing ever. This is an official holiday which was founded in 2005 by Nutella superfan Sara Rosso. Today, every year Nutella picks a fan to lead the celebration, and the day is marked by people sharing photos, recipes, and messages proclaiming their love for this wonderful stuff.

National Pizza Day – February 9
Okay, so maybe we were hungry when we made this list, but how could we leave out National Pizza Day? This Italian treat was basically unknown before the end of World War II, but today it has become a part of American culture, and the go-to meal of busy nights when no one wants to think about dinner. Celebrate by ordering a pizza, or make your own!


International Day of Women and Girls in Science – February 11
Taking a break from the food-themed holidays (we’ll get back to them, don’t you worry), this important day is established to honor the work of women in the sciences. Emphasis is placed on the need for a greater focus on women and girls in STEM education and careers – it’s the fastest growing employment sector, and STEM needs women!


Singles Awareness Day – February 15
Conveniently paired with the Holiday Which Shall Not Be Named, the day after is dedicated to singles. If you’re alone on the 14th, don’t be sad – celebrate SAD (that is, Singles Awareness Day). This day is a reminder that we don’t need a relationship to celebrate love, so celebrate together with your single pals!

National Tortilla Chip Day – February 24
Yup, the food themed holidays are back late month, and they’re ready to party. Nothing gets a party started like a big bowl of tortilla chips paired with salsa, guac, queso, or a dip of your own making. This February 24, celebrate these delicious treats from our southern neighbors by making a big plate of nachos.


National Chili Day – February 25
It’s a dish that is truly versatile. You can have a bowl of chili every day for many years, and have a completely different experience every time. On the surface, it’s so simple: a tomato base, beans, spices, peppers or other veggies, a protein of some kind… but in practice, making a great pot of chili is a true art. Whether you like it spicy or mild, meaty or vegetarian, use your leftover tortilla chips from the 24th as a side, and make yourself a bowl of chili today.


National Chocolate Souffle Day – February 28
Almost as if to apologize for the big, commercial, romantic holiday in the middle of it, February sends us off with a sweet goodbye. The last day of the month (except in leap years) is dedicated to the dessert of desserts, the chocolate souffle. Now, we’re not here to ruin you New Year’s diet, but this day does only come one a year, right?

January 04, 2017

Make a Resolution You'll Actually Keep in 2017 - and Don't Forget Your Car!

New_Year_2017_AskPattyIf you're like almost half of all adults, you have a New Year's resolution - however, once the ball drops and the fireworks are all shot, our commitment to our resolutions seems to waver a little. A week into the new year, just 77 percent of us are still holding to our promises, and after six months, that number drops to just 40 percent, according to University of Pennsylvania research.  

This new year, we invite you to not become a New Year's statistic.  Make a resolution you can actually keep - and while you're at it, apply those convictions to your vehicle, too. Here's our New Year's Toast to all of you!

For More New Year 2017 Car Tips go here:


November 30, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Co-Workers


Here at AskPatty, we are especially #grateful for our co-workers.

We have a wonderful team of women who love to work together and who have always got each other's backs!


November 28, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Employees


According to Maria Shriver's report on women in the workforce, "For the first time in our history, half of all U.S. workers are women. Mothers are the primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners in nearly two-thirds of American families." (Is the Auto Industry a Woman's Nation? )

But did you know there is a shortage of women seeking education, jobs and careers opportunities in the automotive industry? 

Auto Manufacturers, service providers, independent repair shops and car dealerships want to hire more women in management positions, marketing, sales, service advisors, finance managers, parts departments and technicians.  Professional Technicians can earn $60,000 or more per year! Service Advisors can earn up to six figures in some major cities. 

Learn more about Automotive Career Opportunities for Women here at AskPatty.


In an effort to improve the experience for their female employees, Lexus is also offering a new designer line of clothing for its associates. Rather than dress in a cookie-cutter “button-down-and-khakis” uniform, Lexus is teaming with a high-end, classic fashion retailer to provide stylish, sophisticated separates for female sales associates to choose from as part of their work wardrobe. Lexus debuted the upcoming fall collection to a small group of women journalists, showing such pieces as classic sweater sets, a navy-blue wool blazer with white-satin-trimmed collar, and a trendy black peplum top.

Learn more about how Lexus is using new ways to improve the experience for their female employees here at AskPatty.


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November 25, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Customers


It's the day after Thanksgiving: the feast has been devoured, the dishes have been washed, and you’re looking forward to several more meals from the leftovers, right? Well, if you’re planning to do a little “Black Friday” shopping, then know you are just one of the millions of customers who will be taking advantage of great deals on the busiest shopping day of the year.

In the old days, men would take the car into the shop, but those roles have now changed and are constantly evolving. Here at AskPatty, part of our mission is to help female customers to become more informed and savvy about all things automotive. We want them to have a positive experience every time they take their car in for a repair, and be as well educated as possible.



November 23, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Family


Thanksgiving is a time to be #grateful for our family near and far! 

Will you be traveling to visit family for a festive Thanksgiving meal? Whether stuck in Thanksgiving traffic or riding for hours with the in-laws, the “most wonderful time of the year” has serious potential to turn family fun into family feud. To help ease the stress of holiday travel, Ford Motor Company and The Emily Post Institute have compiled a collection of "Drive-by Etiquette" tips to offer you a better road trip experience. Learn more here at AskPatty 


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November 21, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Furry Friends


A recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association reveals that 37 percent of owners they take their dog in the car with them, rather than leaving him behind when they travel. Your pet is part of your family, right?  So, of course you want to take the same care to protect their pets during a car journey as you do for your children!

If you're planning a holiday road trip with your pets, please become familiar with these safety tips to help to make the trip safe and enjoyable:

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November 18, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Friends


We just can't say enough about the importance of friendship.

What do you value the most in a friendship? Quora readers list everything from mutual trust and respect, to a sacred bond of loyalty and honesty,

A friend is one whom you treat like your second family. A friend is one with whom you are not shy. A friend is one for whom you would not hesitate to take any risk, or who would support you without any hesitation.

A friend is one will listen to your boring stories and you will listen to theirs too. A friend is one who you can call to your any need. A friend will come on your road trip with you just to make sure you are safe and can find your way.

And these things can only happen if your friendship is grounded on mutual trust, honesty, and selfless sacrifice. We are truly #grateful for our friends!

November 16, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Good Health


Having just come out of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, and losing our dear friend Holly Reich to breast cancer, we at AskPatty are especially #grateful for our good health. Here we share a few tips about how to be healthier while behind the wheel of your car.

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November 14, 2016

AskPatty is #Grateful in November for... Car Discounts


In case you didn’t know it, most automotive manufacturers offer special discounts to Veterans any time they purchase a new car (not only on Veterans Day). Rules and eligibility may vary by make and manufacturer, but most of these military programs are available to active-duty military members and Reserves of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, and Coast Guard, and includes their spouses. Some offers are even available for retired or honorably discharged members.

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