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November 24, 2016

Happy #Thanksgiving from the AskPatty #Family to Yours


May this Thanksgiving fill your home with joy,
your heart with love, and your life with laughter.​

September 02, 2016

Happy Labor Day Weekend from AskPatty!

Wallethub-2016_labor_day_by_the_numbers-LeadWhat have you got planned for this Labor Day Weekend ?

Perhaps it's one last family road trip before the official end of summer -- after all, 85.8 percent of Americans plan to travel somewhere by car. Maybe you'll be celebrating at home with a barbecue and a dip in the pool. Or, maybe you’ll buy a new car, since Labor Day is typically one of the busiest car-buying times of the year.

Whatever you do, please remember to drive safely over the weekend holiday as the National Safety Council has done some math magic to predict approximately 438 traffic fatalities and another 50,300 will be seriously injured in crashes over the Labor Day Holiday period, which is officially identified between 6:00 p.m. Friday, September 2, to 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 5.

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August 26, 2016

Ladies: Sunday, August 28th is “#GoTopless” Day In Support Of Gender Equality

Obama_speaks_on_women_equality_day_2016On Sunday, August 28, 2016, people in cities around the world are invited to stand up for a women’s right to go topless in public by participating in a #GoTopless activity near them.

According to, GoTopless Day always falls at the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day,  which occurs every year on August 26. It was on August 26, 1920, that women earned their right to vote on the basis of Gender Equality. In 1971, the US Congress has made August 26 into a nationally recognized date and named it “Women’s Equality Day.” The observance of Women’s Equality Day not only commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, but also calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward full equality.

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May 22, 2016 is Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary


January 01, 2016

Happy 2016 from AskPatty!


On the road trip to happiness, the rule is to always to look ahead.

May you reach your destination, and may your journey be wonderful.

Happy New Year from all of us at AskPatty.

December 14, 2015

Owners Auto Know: Volkswagen Answers to the People

Broken-Volkswagen_logoBack in 1990, the EPA's Clean Air Act restricted emissions from diesel engines. Meeting clean air standards was very difficult, so for many years the diesel cars that were sold in Europe didn't come to America. Gradually, German automakers, who were strong in diesel technology, brought diesels that were in compliance with EPA standards to the U.S.

Consumers could now experience torque and range -- diesel's key virtues -- without worrying about the claims that the environment would be compromised by the emissions from these engines.

We all know what has happened. Volkswagen used software, known as a defeat device, in 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars from model years 2009-2015 to circumvent EPA emissions standards for certain air pollutants.

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November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from AskPatty!


May you have plenty to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving and always, may you and your loved ones savor all that is rich...may the festivities come alive with the cornucopia of hope, faith, and goodwill.

November 24, 2015

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Raises Over $10,000 with October Sale of Pink Wiper Blades

Valvoline_Instant_Oil_Change-go_PINK_-800-zps60d5ca27I was driving my son home from school last week when I saw a black Honda Civic with PINK wiper blades. I smiled at the driver as she passed me because I knew a portion of the revenues from her wiper blades helped support Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Valvoline Instant Oil Change's annual  PINK Wiper fundraising campaign sold pink wiper blades during October, to raise more than $10,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF). Valvoline shops across the country were decorated in pink, and employees wore pink  shirts -- some guys even dyed their hair or wore pink wigs -- to raise awareness of this campaign. Check out some of the pink fun here at our Pinterest page.

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Tips From Ford And Emily Post For An Enjoyable (And Polite) Holiday Drive


Holiday driving can cause more than road rage – it can wreak havoc on relationships. Whether stuck in Thanksgiving traffic or riding for hours with the in-laws, the “most wonderful time of the year” has serious potential to turn family fun into family feud.

Last Thanksgiving, AAA predicted 46.3 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles from home – the greatest distance in nearly a decade. Now, with drivers enjoying the lowest gas prices in five years, AAA estimates 90 percent of Americans will celebrate the holidays this year with a road trip. But fear not – avoiding common road frustrations is often as simple as minding your manners, even before you arrive at Grandmother’s house for dinner.

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November 11, 2015

On Veterans Day, AskPatty is #HonoringVets with Heartfelt Gratitude

2015_veterans_day-leadToday is the day we show our gratitude to those 22 million men and women who have served our country in defense of our rights and safety. In the United States, we pay our respects with Veterans Day; in Canada and British Commonwealth Nations, it’s called Remembrance Day; and called Armistice Day in other parts of the world.

The holiday marks the ending of World War I, and is celebrated each year on November 11 because it was in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, that major hostilities of the war were formally ended and the Armistice with Germany went into effect.

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