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May 31, 2011

Car Business Language & Lingo-Part III

Dealer-150x150 The next term thrown around in a car dealership might lead you to believe that maybe someone is going on a cruise. Or perhaps maybe they are going water skiing. You might even think that maybe there was some kind of a boat party out on the water. This is more of an old school term as I don’t hear it too much in todays market. The term refers to someone paying full list price for a vehicle. Now you might think that’s a “Lay Down” which it is, but there are several terms that have more than one meaning. Let’s just say a “Lay Down” has a couple of synonyms with the first being…


  • “Full Boat”—When referencing a “Full Boat” in a car dealership, you might hear the following verbiage from one salesperson to another. “Hey Scott, how did you do on that last “Up” you were working? Scott would respond by saying, “Those people were a complete Lay Down. I got a Full Boat on them.” Meaning they bought and paid for everything. That term could also be used in the finance office. The finance manager could also get a “Full Boat” by selling a customer all the products they sell in the finance office.

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May 23, 2011

Car Business Language & Lingo Part II

Salesperson-150x150 I was standing in the showroom one day and my buddy Scott was standing outside when a car pulled up. I was thinking…”That looks like my “Be Back” from last week.” After they got out of the car, I could plainly see it wasn’t my “Be Back.” Holy Shit! That’s a “Fresh Up” I said to myself as the customer looked like a stone cold buyer. I was right on the money. Scott had a “Lay Down” and when the customer left they were totally “Laid Away.”

With all that being said, here’s part II of Car Business Language & Lingo. Click Here if you missed part I. Below is a continuation of lingo and jargon used in a car dealership by the salespeople and managers.

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May 19, 2011

AskPatty Certified Female Friendly® Blog Carnival - May Edition

Askpatty_femalecertified_logo_1.5x1.5 Well, we've been through some intense weather situations in the Ask Patty Nation in the past month or so, and our thoughts are with those affected by the devastation of the southern tornadoes and storms.  Hopefully those ill-named "April showers" are past us because we're all most certainly due for some May flowers as we prepare for summer.  This month in the AskPatty CFF Carnival, we see a plethora of impressive updates and a wide range of awards and accolades, unique events, and a couple of relocations to satisfy growing business needs - all great things in the AskPatty Nation!  


Darcars Congratulations are in order to Tammy Darvish of DARCARS who is being honored by Northwood University for "The Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award" on Sat April 9, 2011 in Midland, MI.  She is one of 5 recipients.



Hi-tech Hi-Tech Car Care in Arizona celebrated Earth Day this year by holding a unique recycling event: child car seats.  He collects used car seats and dismantles them, recycling the components individually.  The foam seats go to a local animal shelter for use as beds!  Awesome job, Hi-Tech team.

Nigro Big Congrats to Domenic Nigro for Nigro's Auto Body in Philadelphia who started the Spring by working with the American Red Cross to raise money for the Japanese disaster victims. The shop gave customers the opportunity to donate up to half of their deductible, which Nigro’s then gave to the Red Cross for this cause.  Nigro's has also become a distributor of AutoTex PINK, Passchal Bags, and the Mobile TattleTale app, and shows no signs of slowing down.  

Curry Curry's Auto Service has a couple of pieces of big news:  First, they opened a brand new location in Fairfax,VA, on April 4, plus - owner Matt Curry was recognized as a Locally Grown Hero by NFTE!  Congratulations Curry team on your continued growth and recognition!

Altaview Alta View Tires & Service participated in this year's Alta Gala -The Alta Gala is an annual collaborative fundraiser for Alta Community Enrichment (ACE), Friends of Alta and Alta Historical Society.The goal is not only to raise money for these 501(c)3 non profits in Alta but to raise awareness of the arts, environment and history of Alta.Check out the Silent Auction page and see what we donated!

Potomac Potomac Falls Express Lube Owner Pat Wirth named finalist in SmartCEO magazine as the ECO/CEO of the year!  Check out the whole story here:


Mountainview Mountain View Tire is holding a "Show us your Mountain View" contest on Facebook - fans are encouraged to share their favorite photos of themselves in a mountainous vista, and a lucky winner will receive $500 in free tires.  Best of luck to everyone who enters!  


Waukegan Waukegan Tire is making history with Passchal line of luxury bags, and the saga continues as they introduce Passchal's latest line of bags.  The new line is named after Waukegan Tire co-owner Julie Scroggins’ daughter Mary Ann, who was diagnosed with TSC in 2009. Mary Ann decided to focus on spreading awareness of this disease and to help find a cure. Working in partnership with Passchal, the 18-year-old freshman art major at Illinois State University channeled her talents to design a line of handbags. Each item is one-of-a-kind due to the nature of the markings on the inner tubes. 

Victoria Victoria Transmission & Auto Care, in Victoria, BC, will be hosting a Ladies Night and Car Maintenance Clinic on June 1st.  Call to sign-up today 250-382-2833, or visit their website for more information:

Hepner Hepner Tire & Auto in Woodstock, Virginia, hosted their First Annual Ladies Car Care Clinic in March.  It was a great success and they are planing to make it a yearly event for all their customer's.   Follow them on FaceBook to lean more:

Victory Jeff Matt, owner of Victory Auto Service & Glass, with locations in Brooklyn Park, Ham Lake and Fridley, Minnesota,  has been honored with a 2011 Eleven Who Care award for his work with a local charity.  He regularly donates use of the shops space and services, to Free 2B!, an Anoka County non-profit that helps cash-strapped residents with repairs.   Follow this link for the full article:


Schoenplace Schoen Place Auto is proud to be the only auto repair shop listed in Rochester Woman Magazine's 2011 Business & Resource Directory.  Experience Peace of Mind at Schoen Place Auto.  Follow them on FaceBook:, or stop by for a visit!


Adolfhoepfl Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage hosted the Second Annual "Oldie but Goodie" Classic Car Show on April 30th, and had a blast! There was a BBQ and all enjoyed some cars you just don't get to see on the road anymore.  In addition to a great time for the customers, they were able to raise over $1,000 for the tsnuami victims in Japan and for The School of American Leadership!  All this community pride is one more reason why they were also named a winner of the Pinnacle Award from the 2011 Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence Program!

Lonestar Lone Star Chevrolet in Houston, Texas has been named a BBB Awards for Excellence Pinnacle Winner for 2011.  This coveted award recognizes the dealerships commitment to excellence in the marketplace and gives consumers greater confidence when choosing Lone Star Chevrolet.  Congratulations!

Fisk Fisk Automotive is experiencing some growing pains, and has relocated to a new larger location in their home city of Fullerton.  They will be celebrating the move with an Open House event.  Happy Housewarming, Fisk!

Afterhours After Hours Auto Repair of Wichita, KS, is moving as well, into a bigger and better facility in a great new location with fabulous visibility.  They're holding an Open House celebration on June 18.  Good luck with the move, After Hours Team.


Qualityplus Quality Plus Auto Repair & Mufflers held their First Annual Car Care Maintenance event in recognition of Car Care Awareness month in April.  They provided Free Vehicle Checks, a BBQ lunch for all in attendance and car maintenance tips.   Making their customers happy is why so many nominated Quality Plus Auto Repair for the "Best Auto Repair Shop" & "Best Customer Service" for the 2011 Best of the Mid-Valley.  Follow them on FaceBook for updates throughout the year:


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May 16, 2011

Car Business Language & Lingo-Part I

81980936-113x150 Now the car business is very unique when it comes to having its own language. I remember when I first got in the retail side of the business back in the mid 80′s, and I thought everyone was speaking a different language in the car dealership I was working in. Being that I was a young strapping 28 year old, and very wet behind the ears. I was about as green as they get at that time in my life. 

When I started hearing terms like “Up’s” and “Be Backs” I thought I needed to go back to school and lean this specialized language everyone was speaking at the store. I had no idea I was getting into a new business and that I’d need to learn a whole new vocabulary.

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February 17, 2011's Certified Female Friendly® Blog Carnival - February Edition

CFFSealGeneric Recognition, nominations, awards, interviews, and superlatives are the theme for this month's carnival, as reports of merits and accolades flooded in this month from the nationwide network of Certified Female Friendly® automotive locations.  Congratulations are in order to everyone who was featured, nominated, selected, recognized, and interviewed.  You're doing things right, and your communities are taking notice!


Victtoryautoservice At Victory Auto Service & Glass of Minnesota, Owner Jeff Matt has been honored as one of the "Eleven Who Cares" in recognition of outstanding volunteers that serve the community.  Each year hundreds of volunteers are nominated for the award and the Eleven Who Care Board of Governors select the eleven to be honored. Created 27 years ago, the honorees represent the variety of opportunities available in the community, and truly exemplify the belief that one person can make a difference.  Jeff Matt has been recognized as a Key supporter of Free to Be, Inc. in Anoka County.  The shop supports this worthy cause throughout the year by providing assistance with Car Repair, Car Donations, Vehicle maintenance,  and Resource management.  Follow them on FaceBook:

HometownGarage Business is booming at Hometown Garage in Burlington, Maine.  Even in the middle of the snowiest winter season, Herb Farnsworth says business has been improving year after year.  They are doing everything right for their location: Free Shuttle Service, Text Messaging Updates, a very generous Referral Gift sent with a Thank you card, and more.  Their website is full of helpful information, and they are a Green Shop, with a full recycling program in place.  Check them out on the web:

Larrysautoworks Larry Moore, owner of Larry's Autoworks in Mountain View, California, was recemty interviewed on the consumer benefits of more environmentally friendly choices in auto maintenance and repair.  As an example, he said most consumers don't know much about "re-refined oil" and copper free brake pads. These options do not cost any more but can have a significant impact on the environment.  A Certified Green Business of Santa Clara County, Larry knows how to make a business successful and environmentally friendly.  Follow the link for  more of Larry's interview:

Okanagan At Okanagan Car Care of Kelowna, BC, Canada, SunFM morning show Host Susan Knight (The Breakfast Club), hangs out with Okanagan's Bruce Stranaghan,  to do her feature called "52 New".  How many new things can you learn in 52 weeks?   This week thanks to Okanagan Car Care, Susan learned how to change a tire!  Really how hard can it be? Go to Susan's YouTube channel to see how she did, or follow the Okanagan Car Care Blog posts:



Islandhonda Island Honda on Maui, HI - Special Olympics Hawaii Receives $20,000 from the Hawaii Honda Dealers Association, including our own Certified Female Friendly® Island Honda.  The winner of its "The Power of Your Gift" holiday campaign: Special Olympics Hawaii. In addition to the cash donation, the local non-profit will also receive free 30-second public service announcements, which the Hawaii Honda Dealers will run from March through April, 2011.  Visit Island Honda online:

I70auto Congratulations to I-70 Auto Service of Kansas City, MO; they have been awarded the NAPA AutoCare Metro Select shop of the year.  Follow them on FaceBook to congratulate their hard working staff and schedule your next appointment.



Victrans Victoria Transmission & Auto Care of Victoria, BC, Canada, has been nominated as a finalist to receive the "Outstanding Customer Service Award" for all of Victoria, not just automotive service, by the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.  They have also been honored with a nomination for "Automotive Business of the Year" from the Business News Group of Vancouver Island.  From their sustainable business practices to their top-notch customer service, Victoria Transmission exceeds customer expectations.

At Larson's Service
of Peabody, MA, Diane Larson and her Certified Female Friendly® shop was written up as "The Daily Item" at


Jonlancaster Jon Lancaster Toyota Scion of Madison, WI is planning a Ladies Day event for early March!  On Thursday, March 3, 2011, 6:30 PM you can learn about Oil, Filters, Fluids, Belts, Hoses, Tires, Check Engine Lights, Fuel Economy and Appearance of Your Vehicle.


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February 15, 2011

Ask Patty? Ask Pam!

Publication Pam Oakes, owner of Pam’s Motor City Automotive, is pleased to announce the publication of her latest car care book, “Car Care for the Clueless (or How You Can Make Money While Maintaining Your Vehicle)”.  She's been an author writing for consumer car care since 1999, and she's also the proud owner of an Certified Female Friendly service center!

“This is not a “How to Fix It” manual, but a consumer car care awareness book. This easy to read, non-technical text helps the everyday consumer avoid the pitfalls of car care maintenance – and ‘make some money’ while maintaining their vehicle,” says author Pam Oakes. Pam is an ASE certified technician and owner of Pam’s Motor City Automotive since 1995.

Copies of “Car Care for the Clueless” are available for sale in at Pam's Motor City.  For more information, stop by or call Pam at 239-278-0086.  Congratulations, Pam!

Kaeli Gardner, Inc.
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February 08, 2011

Toyota's Jim Lentz at NADA and the Importance of Women

Nada_2011 Last weekend at the NADA conference in San Francisco, Jim Lentz, President and COO of Toyota Motor Sales USA delivered a keynote speech on the state of the industry.  In it he said that 2011 marks a new beginning for the industry, giving dealers a call to action to rise above the oft-mentioned economic downturn of a few years past, saying to strive for gradual improvements this year and next; he spoke of the importance of 'Generation Y' as a target audience, the benefits of reaching the hispanic community, and, of course, the importance of the woman comsumer in the auto industry.  Here's that particular segment, where he calls for auto dealers to take the radical stance of actually listening to women, and quotes someone familiar to the readership - AskPatty's own Jody DeVere.  Head past the jump that segment of his address.

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February 01, 2011

Ask Patty about Entrepreneurial Insanity

Ensanity CEO Jody DeVere appears in a new book, along with several friends and partners in the industry.  It's called Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Tire Industry, and if you're in the tire industry that title may feel familiar to you.

The book asks tire businesses owners to look at whether they are behaving like a "small business" or an entrepreneur.  Author Roger McManus, with input from some significant players in the tire business, defines the question and lays out a road map of Entrepreneurial Insanity - a guidebook for the small business owner to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and truly shine. As you'd expect, this isn't a book about money - it's a book about attitude, and we're proud to be part of it.

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December 15, 2010's Certified Female Friendly® Blog Carnival - December Edition

CFFSealGeneric Our Certified Female Friendly® locations continue to give generously through the holiday season, and in this month's Blog Carnival, the bells are definitely all a-jingle. Toys for Tots drives abound, pet adoption drives warm hearts with cold noses, food drives help provide for empty tables, and there's even some Green on the trees this winter - always a welcome sight.  Our CFF locations continue to inspire us, and we hope they inspire you too.  Here's just some of the great things they're doing this December.

Shockley Shockley Honda of Frederick, MD is once again proud to partner up together with the US Marine Corps for the Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive!!  The goal is to collect new, unwrapped toys during November and December, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community.  Shockley Honda along with the Frederick County Animal Control also hosted a pet adoption drive on Saturday, December 11, 2010.

Jeffs Jeff's Total Performance of Green Valley, AZ is also a Toys For Tots center, where you can bring in a new, unwrapped toy and receive an oil change for $14.95*.  They're also doing a Green Valley Food Drive - just bring in at least five non-perishable food items, and in return receive top quality brake pads or brake shoes for only the cost of  the labor (and any other brake work needed).  Go green with reusable bags that zip into a little packet for easily fitting into a handbag or glove box. Cost is $5.00 with $1.00 going to SAHUARITA HIGH SCHOOL.

 Asplundh Asplundh Buick-GMC of Manahawkin, NJ joins the Toys for Tots brigade; their goal is to fill up the entire bed of a pick-up truck with toys, which will be donated to local kids.  Click here to visit the facebook page for their event

Hepner Hepner Tire & Auto of Woodstock, VA is also teaming up with the United States Marine Corp. and collecting Toys For Tots! We will be taking donations thru December 22. Come help Pamela Foltz, Angela Miley, Steve "Fish" Crawford and the United States Marine Corp. in the SPIRIT of GIVING to make a child's Christmas Specail!  Hepner Tire & Auto is also still collecting food for the Shenandoah County Food Banks for the holiday season if you would like to make a donation.

Communitytire Community Tire & Auto Specialists, with 5 Locations in Phoenix, Glendale, and Cottonwood, AZ is supporting the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.  Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, they rescue, foster, heal, adopt and advocate for dogs or cats who have been abandoned or left behind due to foreclosure or eviction.: Community Tire is also selling Holiday & New Year Rebate cards - with discount deals good through the end of January. 

Jeffreys Jeffrey's Automotive Repair of Watauga, TX is a participating Toys For Tots location as well.  Donated gifts appropriate for ages 0-12 years, and the Marines will be hand delivering toys to children in their community.  Bring 2 unwrapped toys and receive $10 off any service now, or take a $10 off coupon for future service! Help us help others this holiday season!


Newhope New Hope Auto & Truck of Clearwater, FL got into the spirit as owner Hope Peterson presented a Free Women & Teen Car Care Clinic on December 4th, at the Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.  A Clinic designed to educate attendees on the facts and myths about vehicle repairs and maintenance.  Partnering with local businesses for great information, great food and great give-aways!

 JJAuto J & J Automotive Services of Manassas, VA is offering a oil change and a chance to help a child this Holiday season. Bring in a new unwrapped toy for the Toys for Tots program at J&J Automotive Services, located at 10404 Central Park Drive, Manassas VA 20110, and receive a certificate for a free oil change.



Countrytire At Country Tire and Auto Care Centers, with locations in Blair, Nebraska and Atlantic, Glenwood and Shenandoah, IA, all 4 Country Tire stores are joining in support of Toys for Tots this holiday season.  Stop by and visit any of their stores to donate unwrapped toys for children and see why Country Tire is known as the one-stop shop for all their customer's needs.

At Gatto's Tires of Brevard County, FL it is better to give than to receive, the man once said, so Gatto's is celebrating the season by putting the adage to the test. We've wrapped up some of our great services and put them under the metaphorical tree where they await your gleeful unwrapping.

Jonlancaster Jon Lancaster Toyota Scion of Madison, WI held a "Plug-In Prius Prototype Preview" event this month.  The vehicle was on display throughout the day starting at 10:00am. This was a fascinating sneak peak at the future evolution of the Prius.  Guests had an opportunity to sign up for and win “Plugged-in” Prizes.

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October 02, 2009

Cash for Clunkers: One Auto Dealer's Perspective

Money-car_artistic Who would have thought trading in an older model for a new vehicle would generate so much buzz and excitement? Well, Cash for Clunkers did just that.

CARS, an acronym for Car Allowance Rebate System, was the official name of the government program introduced last month to help stimulate sagging auto sales.

It's done; it's over. Now what? Whether you agree or disagree with governmental policies, one thing is unmistakable: Cash for Clunkers moved the needle. It made it okay to buy or lease a new car again, or at least come into the dealership and look around.
Let's face it. Consumer need for vehicle purchases didn't go away. We live in a car-centric universe and regardless of make, model or type of vehicle, reliable transportation is a necessity.  
What vanished (temporarily, we hope) was the confidence that it was okay to buy a new car or any other commodity for that matter.
Having temporary 'paper' plates in the driveway suddenly became in fashion again. And why shouldn't it be? Purchases large and small signal a return to normalcy and move our economy forward, right?
Trading in a gas guzzler with low trade-in value for a more fuel efficient vehicle with greater safety features made sense. But the reality of what we saw was that car buyers without a clunker also returned to the showroom.  Some bought, some didn't. But what really matters is that they felt confident enough to walk through the door again.

The craziness of deadlines, website malfunctions and changing vehicle listings (first you're in, and then you're out) created a certain level of excitement and frenzy like we've never seen before. If you think it was confusing at the consumer level, look at it from a dealer's perspective.

Since the program began, it was a moving target. Changes occurred more often than Ashton Kutcher can Twitter. All things considered, we're appreciative of the business and the good economic karma that it will continue to bring.

The good news is that people are still coming into the showroom even without the promise of clunker cash. Life slowly resembles what it used to be like just a short time ago. No more sitting on frozen assets; people are moving around again.

Artistic_money In retrospect, the clunker rebate program brought about some small economic changes and attitude shifts. It helped people forget the fear that has gripped our nation. It brought fresh energy and excitement to the marketplace. And it made it hip and cool to drive a new car or make a purchase - large or small - again.
We feel this enthusiasm has the potential to carry over to every other sector of the market. Moving forward, we can all be our own best stimulus package. Maybe, just maybe, we'll soon find ourselves on the backside of this recession.

As grateful as we are for this turn of events, we'd like you to know that we're not all about cars. Across the nation, auto dealers are typically very good citizens. We tend to be generous with both time and money helping support numerous charitable endeavors and community programs. Add to that, tax revenue generated in a community stays in that community providing significant dollars to local government coffers to help fund services, parks and other amenities.

As car dealers, we're continuing to do what we do best: building relationships with our customers. And, yes, we love the joy and excitement that we bring customers as they sit behind the wheel of their new vehicle. It becomes a personal experience that we are fortunate to take part in. We welcome you back, old friend.
Cheri_Fleming_1Cheri Fleming is co-owner of Valencia Acura in the city of Santa Clarita. She was named Business Owner of the Year by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal in 2008 and American International Automotive Dealer Association Dealer of the Year in 2006. She can be reached at or 661-255-3000.

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