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October 26, 2016

October Doesn't Have to be Scary: Drunk Driving


We're deadly serious on this one: Don't even think about getting behind the wheel if you've been drinking! Even just one drink can be enough to impair your driving and lead to devastating consequences.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2014, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.

Of those, 6,391 were drunk drivers and the rest were either their passengers or other innocent people they hit (1,511 were their passengers, 1,241 were occupants of other vehicles, and 824 were pedestrians, bicyclists, or other nonoccupants). More than two-thirds (64 percent) involved a driver or motorcycle rider with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. If you can’t do math in your head, that’s 6,391 deaths directly attributable to so much celebrating as to be over the national legal limit.

If you plan on celebrating with your ghoulfriends this Halloween, please be responsible! Hand over the keys, call a cab, or get a designated driver.


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