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October 29, 2016

AskPatty Dear Diary Entry #2 - #RebelleRally in 3 Words

Rebelle_rally-CvvAgqyUAAEkRFkThe Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the Rebelle tests your skills over seven days of competition. It is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding event based on the elements of headings, hidden checkpoints, time, and distance using maps, compass, and roadbook.

During my media days there, I asked the #RebelleRally teams to send me 3 words, well mostly 3 words were sent over... some just could not get it into just 3 words (laughs), to sum up and describe their seven-day experience:

RebelleRallyQuoteCloud AllRebelleQuotePhotos

Enjoy this video which includes a #RebelleRally sing-along on Day #6!

Angela Terry
Team 128
Team Sidewinder
"Before the Rebelle I was on a well paved road. I now find myself in an OHV area and the possibilities are endless"

Michelle Davis
Team 126
Team Sugar High  
"Just Keep Swimming"

Andrea Shaffer
Team 126
Team Sugar High  
"Never Give Up"

Maria Parker
Team 106
Team BlinKer
Transformative Liberating Empowering

The Rebelle has changed my life. My three words to summarize this event are as follows:

1. Transformative: I never will be the same after all those days in the dirt. I never thought it possible, but it literally changed me, my perspective, and many of my ambitions.

2. Liberating: To challenge yourself to accomplish things in a vehicle you never thought possible was an incredibly freeing feeling. Also, to unplug from all technology was overwhelming at first, but then it became so nice to not feel reliant upon our technology to accomplish our daily goals.

3. Empowering: This fall had left me feeling empowered to make new friends, keep in touch with these incredible women, and inspire other women to challenge themselves to do an event like this for themselves. I am empowered to tell others that they CAN do this no matter what the excuse. I did it while working 2 full time jobs, I did it while in school, I did it through a withdrawal from my retirement.... But I made I possible. My best friend who partnered with me did it while pumping milk for her 8 month old child.... Any one can do this, and everyone should try if it leaves them as empowered as it left me.

Although the descriptions are larger than 3 words, they justify what this event means to me....

Kendra Miller
Team #118
ARB Machine
"Never The Same"

Julie Covert
Team 112
Grueling Awesome Affirming

Coralee Lack
Team 132  
Inspiring Humbling Momentus

Sam Mumford
Team 114  
On The Rocks
"No One Understands!"

Charlene Bower
Driver Team 125
Ladies Co-Driver Challenge
Challenging Commitment Comradery

Sandy Conner
Driver Team #202
Team Hoehn Garibaldi
Tough Inspiring Empowering

Trish Lewis
Team #130
Team Hoehn Grizzly  
"NOT about being the Best ...But Being Better than I was before the Rally And I AM!"

Taylor Pawley
Team 119
Team Why Not
Challenging Worthwhile Irreplaceable
"The most fun I've ever had getting lost."

Meli Barrett  
Team #204 Left Seat
Team Hoehn Quail  
"" xo

Naomi Grebe
Team 110
Challenge Strength Beauty
"sky above, earth below, fire within."
Rachel Micander
Team 105
Team ZuM Rally
Inspiring Mesmerizing Demanding

RebelleRally #SEMA16 #SEMA2016 #AAPEX16 #AAPEX2016 #Off-Road #Glamis #JohnsonValley


Jody DeVere









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