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September 06, 2016

Research: 2016's Strictest & Most Lenient States on High-Risk Drivers

WalletHub_strictest_states_US_mapToday's American drivers spend more than 18 hours per week in our cars (over 17% of our waking hours), according to data from Nielsen and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Besides such regular costs as gas prices and upkeep, bad behavior on the road can have costly consequences for your wallet, to speeding tickets and even deadly accidents. And, as your amount of time in your car increases, so do the risks of an accident increase.

Since we all have an interest in keeping the roads safe, WalletHub recently released an in-depth analysis of 2016's Strictest & Most Lenient States on High-Risk Drivers, in which they identified the states that are most serious about ensuring the well-being of motorists.

WalletHub independently assessed how tough states are on DUI, speeding, and reckless driving infractions as well as the corresponding increases in insurance rates that high-risk drivers can expect.

High-risk drivers in Connecticut face the largest increase in insurance premiums (99% on average), while those in Michigan see the smallest bump (30% on average).

Red_states_stricter_than_blue_states_on_high_risk_driversDelaware is the harshest on reckless drivers, with lengthy minimum jail terms for both first and second offenses (10 and 30 days, respectively). Seven states (including Pennsylvania and Ohio) have no minimum sentences.

Arizona is the harshest state for DUI criminal penalties, and Maryland is the most lenient. Concerned about transportation costs? The average fine for a first DUI ($347) is higher than the Uber fare from Washington, DC, to New York, and you could get all the way to Ontario with the second-DUI average ($757).

Iowa is the strictest state when it comes to speeding, relying heavily on speed cameras, cracking down on racers and using absolute speed limits. Texas and Utah tie for most lenient.

Most_lenient_states-high_risk_drivers-wallethub Strictest_states-high_risk_drivers-wallethub

To read the full report and to see how your state ranks, please visit WalletHub.

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