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September 27, 2016

Explore Life with Chevrolet's New GPS = Global Positivity System

Chevrolet_Global_Positivity_ScoreLet's hear it for the power of positive thinking! If you're one of those who believes that you can improve the world around you with a few kind words, then you should hurry over to the Chevrolet Global Positivity System to evaluate the positivity you bring to your friends, family, and greater community through your social media presence.

Chevrolet believes the path to finding new roads in your everyday life starts with a positive attitude, so, with September’s “International Day of Positive Thinking” in mind, Chevrolet enlisted the cognitive capabilities of IBM’s Watson platform to develop the Chevrolet Global Positivity System. This mobile and desktop website evaluates users’ Facebook and Twitter presence to measure their positive impact; you can determine your own positivity score at

“A positive, never-give-up attitude has been a driving force for the Chevrolet brand for more than a century and has motivated us as a team to turn the impossible into the possible,” said Tim Mahoney, chief marketing officer of Global Chevrolet. “We encourage people around the world to reflect on their own outlook by using the Global Positivity System and to consider the possibilities in their own lives.”

Chevrolet sought to create a tool that could provide the most accurate snapshot of a user’s social sentiment. In working with IBM to incorporate Watson’s functionality –- a first for the automaker -– Chevy found the perfect solution to meet its goals.

“One of the key pillars of cognitive computing is the ability to surface valuable insights. People may use those in varying ways –- to engage with a customer, to make a business decision, or to reveal hidden value,” said Stephen Gold, vice president, IBM Watson. “What Chevy is doing with Watson enhances not just personal engagement, but also helps show participants the value they are delivering to others through positivity. It’s a creative way of using technology to amplify a uniquely human attribute.”

Using IBM’s Watson Personality Insights and AlchemyLanguage APIs, Chevy’s Global Positivity System can create a detailed personality snapshot for users to evaluate sentiment and personality characteristics by interpreting the positivity of users’ Facebook and Twitter posts. According to Chevrolet: “Watson represents a new era in computing called cognitive computing, where systems understand the world the way humans do: through senses, learning, and experience. Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time. With the help of Watson, organizations are harnessing the power of cognitive computing to transform industries, help professionals do their jobs better, and solve important challenges.”

Share your score through your social media channels, and compare it to the average of the Global Positivity System community. The platform also identifies each person’s most positive and least positive posts, as well as their most frequently used positive words.

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