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September 16, 2016

Cabin Air Filters, Mice, and Allergies...

Mice_in_fram_fresh_breeze_cabin_air_filterCabin air filters, mice, and allergies...What’s the connection?

Well, mice love to live in my car’s cabin air filter! I don’t happen to love the idea the idea of them in my cabin air filter though. :-) I live in a rural area about an hour north of Toronto and don’t have a garage… I also have a car that I store in the wintertime.

Last year, when I pulled my car out of storage it smelled really bad inside, and I couldn’t figure out why. So I drove with the windows open most of the time.

When I took my vehicle in for an oil change a couple of months later, my shop owner kept my cabin air filter to show me what had happened. A family of mice had been living in my cabin air filter and what I was smelling was actually mouse urine and poop. Yuck! Pretty much every time I take my car in for service there are mice in the cabin air filter. I’ve been told Irish Spring soap deters the mice but when I pulled out the bar in the spring it had tooth marks in it! The joys of living in the country...

Fram_fresh_breeze-cabin_air_filterIf you don’t know what a cabin air filter is supposed to do, its job is to filter the air that you breathe inside the car. Most filters can remove particles as small as two microns, which is great for people who suffer from fall allergies such as ragweed and golden rod, as it should filter out most of the pollen from the air that you breathe inside your vehicle. It’s recommended that you change the cabin air filter once a year, so if you can’t remember changing it in the last 12 months, you should consider doing it before the fall allergy season gets in full swing.

About 70 percent of new cars have a cabin air filter, so if you have a newer vehicle, there is a good chance you have one. If you aren’t sure if you have one, be sure to look in your owner’s manual or check with your automotive service provider.

Fram-fresh-breeze-cabin-air-filterIf the filter is easy to get at, many shops will check it when they are performing your regular maintenance, or you might even be able to change it yourself.

On some vehicles it can take up to half-hour to get to the filter, so if your cabin air filter is difficult to reach, chances are they are not checking it. The cabin air filter is usually located on the passenger side of the vehicle; sometimes, it’s in the glove box (or behind the glove box), other times it could be under the hood.

When was the last time you changed your cabin air filter?  Want to try to do it yourself, but need a little help? Learn more about cabin air filters here at FramFreshBreeze.


Factoid: In 1979, Saab became the first car manufacturer to use a cabin air filter.


Kelly_Williams_with_tireRace car driver, educator, safety advocate, TV personality, Kelly Williams started racing cars at 17 years old and continued to race for 15 years. Now she works in the automotive industry, teaching women about taking care of their vehicles. She also teaches performance driver training with BMW as well as other manufacturers, keeps busy as a spokesperson for Be Car Care Aware, hosts ladies' Car Care clinics across Canada, and has recently launched a new consumer website

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