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August 19, 2016

E-Harmony Connection Gone Bad…

Eharmony_gone_bad-Kelly_Williams-iStock_72275221-EpicStockMediaOnline dating, have you tried it? You’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything since I’m supposed to be writing about all things automotive. Continue reading and you’ll find out.

More and more people are trying online dating and I’m no different. Although I am in a committed relationship now, a few years ago I was using eHarmony. In fact, this is how I met my current boyfriend! However, prior to meeting him I met other people through eHarmony.

First, I need to give you a bit of background especially if you’ve never tried it.

With eHarmony, you get sent matches based on how you answered your profile questions in the beginning. You can also decide if you want to do “fast track” or “guided communication.” Fast Track is when you go right into communicating with each other directly. Guided communication has a number of steps. The first step makes you ask and answer multiple-choice questions that you are allowed to pick yourself. The last step before going to “open communication” is three questions that you get to choose as well. As this process is going along, if you don’t like how the questions are being answered you can choose to “close” the connection and move on.

Eharmony_gone_bad-Kelly_Williams-iStock_71469265-EpicStockMediaDuring my time on eHarmony I chose to go the “guided” route. In my online profile, I didn’t include anything about my involvement in motorsports as many guys can be intimidated by this and not even talk to me. I think this is pretty sad but true.

So, I was going back and forth with a guy on EHarmony and in the last step before going to open communication and potentially meeting with him, he asked me what achievement I was most proud of in my life. At this point, I answered that I was proud of the fact that I was the only woman to compete in Canada’s top stock car Series (NASCAR Canadian Tire Series) for 10 consecutive years. The communication had been going well so I thought it was time to share my motorsports involvement and besides, I was proud of what I had done.

His next communication to me went something like this… “You sound like a great person blah blah, but since I just got my driver's license last year, I don’t think you would be a good connection for me blah blah,” and he closed the connection! He was also 46 years old. I couldn’t believe that he would write me off so quickly based on that one answer.

It's a good thing my boyfriend for the past seven years liked the fact that I raced and was “into” cars! (Although, I don’t think I shared my racing background until we actually met! I wasn’t willing to risk it a second time.)

Kelly_Williams_with_tireRace car driver, educator, safety advocate, TV personality, Kelly Williams started racing cars at 17 years old and continued to race for 15 years. Now she works in the automotive industry, teaching women about taking care of their vehicles. She also teaches performance driver training with BMW as well as other manufacturers, keeps busy as a spokesperson for Be Car Care Aware, hosts ladies' Car Care clinics across Canada, and has recently launched a new consumer website

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