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August 30, 2016

AskPatty’s #HotCar Tips for Kids and Dogs: Watch For Signs Of Heatstroke


Extreme temperature and humidity can cause heatstroke.

In children, some signs of heatstroke are red, hot, and moist or dry skin; no sweating; strong, rapid pulse or slow, weak pulse; and nausea, confusion or strange behavior.

In pets, some signs of heatstroke are heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, vomiting, a deep red or purple tongue, seizure, and unconsciousness.

According to the Humane Society: "Animals are at particular risk for heat stroke if they are very old, very young, overweight, not conditioned to prolonged exercise, or have heart or respiratory disease. Some breeds of dogs—like boxers, pugs, shih tzus, and other dogs and cats with short muzzles—will have a much harder time breathing in extreme heat."

How to Treat Heatstroke

ParentsCentral shares the following tips to help prevent heatstroke.

"If you see a child alone in a car, don’t worry about getting involved in someone else’s business -- protecting children is everyone’s business; besides, 'Good Samaritan' laws offer legal protection for those who offer assistance in an emergency."

For a Child:

If the child is not responsive, immediately get the child out of the car and spray him or her with cool water (not an ice bath).

If the child is responsive, stay with the child until help arrives and have someone else search for the driver or ask the facility to page them.

For A Pet:

Move the pet into the shade or an air-conditioned area and apply ice packs or cold towels to her head, neck, and chest or run cool (not cold) water over her. Give the pet drink small amounts of cool water or let her lick ice cubes. Take her directly to a veterinarian.

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