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April 28, 2016

AskPatty’s Tips to #Green Your Car and Save Gas: Monitor Your Fuel Economy


Check your miles per gallon when you fill up to stay aware of your car’s fuel consumption.

Most cars these days have trip computers that will show you the average fuel economy of each tank of gas. Just press the button to reset the calculation at every fillup and track your numbers using a notebook, or use a handy smartphone app like Road Trip Lite, or Fuel Buddy or any of the other multitudes of fuel economy tracking apps that are available for the iPhone and Android users.

And if you don't have a trip computer or a smart phone, it's still an easy calculation, even for someone who's not good at arithmetic: simply divide the (miles driven between fillups) by (the number of gallons used) to identify your (average mpg for each tank.

Regular monitoring can show you trends in your fuel economy, and alert you to possible service issues early so you can avoid breakdowns.

Finally, beware of companies that try to sell you mileage-improving devices. Some claim that they will save you from 10% to 50%. When gas prices climb, products that claim they’ll save gas might look good, but according to both the U.S. EPA and Federal Trade Commission, there are no aftermarket devices or fuel additives that will boost your mileage any appreciable amount. Even worse, installation instructions for some of these devices call for adjustments that EPA would consider to be tampering with your car’s emissions control system.

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