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February 11, 2016

Sweetheart Safety Tips from @AskPatty and @NexenTireUSA 3: Slow and Steady


Slowing down is the most important thing to do when driving on ice and snow.

High speeds make it both easy to lose control and difficult to stop. You should never be driving faster than 45 mph in any vehicle when roads are icy -- not even on highways! In many cases, much slower speeds are necessary. You can slide off of the road on certain types of more treacherous icing - like black ice - at 10 mph or less! If you're fishtailing or sliding at all, it means you are going too fast for the conditions.

In normal conditions, you should maintain a following distance of three seconds between you and another car. On winter roads, increase that to a full 8 to 10 seconds. Yes, that may mean slow going, but a little patience will keep you a lot safer on the road.

Be extremely cautious until you are able to determine how much traction you can expect from your tires.

Be A Sweetheart and Save a Life: Get all 13 Tips for Driving Safely with the Family on Snow and Ice, here at AskPatty


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