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February 22, 2016

Ellie Kemper Helps Buick Get Quirky for Millennial Love

Imagine_yourself_in_the_new_buick-Ellie_Kemper_buick-leadBuick invites viewers to take a trip through the fun-loving imagination of comedian Ellie Kemper, as she explores their vehicle lineup and experiences an exciting new world of luxury.

Ellie, the star of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," and best known for her role in "The Office," shifts her quirky-geek persona into high gear for this fun video campaign that tells an engaging story about nerdy young actress who dreams of a happy future with a Buick in her life.

Let's face it: she's adorable, and the videos are lighthearted and humorous. The goal is to "attract a younger audience that may associate the Buick brand to that of the past, not realizing the amazing car right in front of them may actually be a new Buick," says Molly Peck, the brand's director of marketing.

Many of the videos focus on the features of the newest vehicle in the Buick lineup, the Cascada convertible. The first convertible in Buick’s lineup in more than two decades, the cute open-top 2+2 Buick Cascada is an effort to capture some of the 125,000 annual convertible registrations.

The “Imagine Yourself in a Buick” campaign is a series of short ad vignettes as well as a slightly longer YouTube film that features Kemper in a series of different scenarios. Also, a “between the scenes” short shows Kemper attending a yoga class and sharing tips on how she stays camera- and convertible-ready. Shorter spots focus on specific vehicle features.


Below, Ellie has just too much fun popping the Cascada's top and letting the sunshine in:


And here, Ellie braves the elements with Cascada's heated steering wheel:


Watch more at

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