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January 21, 2016

#YourLifeIsWorthTheWait: Don't Try To Beat That Train

Your_life_is_worth_the_wait-joggerIt sounds simple. It's tempting to ignore the flashing lights and gate arms, but when railroad crossing arms are down or the warning lights are flashing, drivers and pedestrians must wait for the passing train. Unfortunately, Federal Railroad Administration statistics reveal more than 900 people nationwide were killed or injured trespassing on railroad property last year.

Union Pacific Railroad recently launched a social media campaign urging drivers and pedestrians to think about their personal safety first and wait at grade crossings. The series of videos depict different scenarios in which a jogger, a young couple, and father and son are stopped, waiting for a train to pass. When the arms lift, each proceeds safely toward a spectacular future.

Your_life_is_worth_the_wait"Our message is straightforward – Your Life is Worth the Wait," said Scott Moore, Union Pacific senior vice president – Corporate Relations. "Union Pacific trains operate in more than 7,300 communities; too often our employees see drivers or pedestrians sneak around the gates. Even after applying the emergency brakes, it can take a mile for a train to stop; the risk is never worth it."

Remember, trains always have the right of way — over cars, trucks, pedestrians, and even police cars and fire trucks. To watch more campaign videos and share this important safety reminder, visit Remind your friends and family using the hashtag: #YourLifeIsWorthTheWait

This is Union Pacific's second safety campaign launched exclusively on social media. The first, called #PhotoSafely addressed high school photography on railroad tracks.


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