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November 19, 2015

September 19 is "Global Be(er) Responsible" Day, So Don't Drink And Drive!

FriendsAreWaiting-budweiser-dont_drink_and_driveLast year, Budweiser introduced a digital-only ad for "Global Be(er) Responsible" day, a campaign against drunk driving on September 19.

As the day rolls around, the popular video featuring an adorable and loyal yellow lab is making a comeback once again, jumping from 19 million page views when we highlighted it last year, to more than 23 million page views now.

According to Business Insider, Budweiser is targeting the emotional ad at 21-27 year-olds who share content with friends on social media. There's still much conversation trending about it under the "#FriendsAreWaiting"" hashtag.


Budweiser USA: Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waitig”


Wondering about the touching song that provides the video's narrative? You won’t find the song anywhere but in the Budweiser ad. According to BigFrog 104 it’s not available for download because it’s not a full song. What you hear is all there is. The song ‘When You Come Home,’ was written by Dan Rodriguez just for the commercial.

Following the success of Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go,' which had been popular overseas but didn’t reach #1 in the U.S. until the commercial came out, Rodriguez may want to consider writing a full song and releasing it so fans can download it.

AskPatty has a special fondness for adorable puppies, so we especially appreciate Budweiser's heartwarming Super Bowl commercials featuring a tale about the love between a yellow lab puppy and one of the beer brand's iconic Clydesdale horses. They might just be beer commercials, but they certainly do touch the heart. Face it, I'm a sap, and it doesn't take much to make me cry.  This one promoting Global Be(er) Responsible Day touches my heart as well, especially since our CEO Jody DeVere also has a beautiful yellow lab of her own.

Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you. Drink responsibly.


Budweiser USA: #BestBuds | 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”


Budweiser USA: Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial | 2014 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial  "Puppy Love"


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