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November 20, 2015

Chevy Put a Puppy in an Equinox… The Results Will Break Your Heart!

A_best_friend_for_lifes_journeyIf you thought Budweiser’s “Be(er) Responsible Day” video was the paws-down winner in the Sentimental Dog Commercial category, think again! The folks at Chevrolet have created this heart-wrenching commercial called “Maddie,” which pawfectly captures a lifetime of love between a pup and her human. 

The video shows a woman remembering a lifetime with her beloved pooch in what appears to be the Vet’s office, we assume, as the aging dog is about to be euthanized. It was one of 13 finalists in a  film competition conducted last year by Chevy and MOFILM, though not everyone loved it

This particular Chevy commercial doesn't advertise sleeker designs, better engines, or wallet-friendly mileage. In fact, it never even aired on television; gaining viral success on YouTube instead. At the end, it shares the message that a dog is "A best friend for life's journey," as the young girl and her puppy climb into the family’s Equinox to begin their lifetime together. 

If you’re a pet lover, you’ll want to grab a tissue before you watch this sentimental video.


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