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November 16, 2015

AskPatty’s Winter Tire & Driving Safety Tip 7: Use Electronic Stability Control


All vehicles sold since 2012 offer Electronic Stability Control (ESC), a system that uses computer controlled technology to work with your ABS to apply braking to individual tires and help bring the car safely back on track.

According to, "AWD will get you moving and keep you moving in deep snow. It will allow you to climb the steep driveway to the front door of the ski chalet. AWD helps prevent fishtailing under acceleration, which causes many drivers of rear-wheel-drive vehicles to lose control." But AWD doesn't improve traction under braking or when cornering, especially on wet or snowy roads.

If your car has it, be sure to leave the ESC on. If you're shopping for a used car and live where weather conditions get treacherous in the winter, be sure you have it. 

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