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November 12, 2015

7 Tips To Not Get Hit By A Car

How_not_to_get_hit_by_a_car-leadOn average, 44 kids are hit every day while walking, and one in five high school students crosses the street while distracted. Across all age ranges nationwide, a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals nearly two pedestrians die in vehicle crashes per 100,000 population each year, making urban areas the most dangerous.

While drivers and pedestrians must stay alert and work together to avoid deadly crashes, is sharing an interactive infographic to share safety tips to help protect pedestrians from crashes with motor vehicles.


The interactive infographic highlights the seven ways pedestrians of all ages can be injured while walking, and includes tips to not get hit by a car, including:

• Walking while distracted by a phone or headphones, reminding pedestrians to keep their devices down and their heads up while walking;
• Crossing in the middle of the block, reminding walkers to take the extra time to cross at a corner instead. Did you know that crossing someplace other than an intersection accounts for more than 81 percent of child pedestrian deaths? According to NHTSA, about 12 percent of deaths are related to darting out or running into the road.
• Walking at night in dark clothes, reminding pedestrians to be especially alert when it's dark out, and to make sure drivers can see you. Did you know 75 percent of teen pedestrian deaths occur between 7pm and 7am, when it's dark out? Pedestrian deaths peak between 3am and 6am, and during the weekends. Autumn is the deadliest season for pedestrians, with October and November being two of the highest months of the year for fatalities. The end of Daylight Saving time and the shortening days contribute to this.
How_not_to_get_hit_by_a_car-walk_facing_traffic• Watching out for distracted drivers,
even when crossing in crosswalks. More than one in five pedestrian deaths happen at an intersection, so be sure to look in all directions while crossing.
• Walking in the road, reminding us that walking on sidewalks can reduce pedestrian crashes by almost 90 percent. If there's no sidewalk, walk facing traffic and stay as far away from vehicles as possible.
• Not watching out for cars that are backing up, reminding walkers to be be especially vigilant near driveways and in parking lots. Nearly 100 kids are killed every year by cars backing up.
• Not looking out for a second car: More than 80 percent of pedestrians die when hit by vehicles traveling at 40 mph or faster. Less than 10 percent die when hit at 20 mph or less, so pause at each lane of traffic and make eye contact with the drivers before crossing in front of them. 

According to the report from NHTSA, there is one police-reported pedestrian crash every seven minutes, and the majority of pedestrians killed performed at least one unsafe action when crashes occurred. All pedestrians should keep these tips in mind when out walking, and AskPatty joins with SafeKids to encourage parents to discuss them with any children who are out walking on their own, whether to and from school, or just hanging out with friends in front of your house.

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