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September 25, 2015

Janis Joplin's Iconic Porsche Cabrio Up for Auction

Janis_joplin_porsche-sothebys_auction-Driven_by_disruptionLadies: Are you looking for something special for your next car?

One of the most important icons of rock ‘n’ roll history, this Porsche 356C convertible was purchased in 1968 by Janis Joplin, who immediately engaged Dave Richards, a friend and roadie with her band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, to customize the car with a kaleidoscopic mural.

Intended by Richards to represent ‘The History of the Universe,’ the dramatic artwork included such graphics as butterflies and jellyfish, as well as a portrait of Joplin with members of the band. The finished paintjob was as colorful as the singer’s personality and certainly representative of the era -- a one-of-a-kind flamboyant symbol of San Francisco’s psychedelic rock age. Joplin was frequently seen driving it.

After Joplin’s untimely passing in 1970, the Porsche remained in her family’s ownership and was restored in the 1990s. The car has been on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for two decades. It is being offered at RM’s New York auction on December 10th by her family and will be on display in Sotheby’s 10th floor gallery in the days leading up to the sale.

Part of an event entitled "Driven By Disruption,"  the December auction will showcase the extremes of motoring history and the molds that were broken by engineers and designers pushing the automotive envelope. Whether it be a stunningly beautiful coachbuilt automobile, a wild, untraditional design, or a marvel of high performance engineering, the auction will focus on  a carefully curated selection of 30 creatively styled, pioneering automobiles. All entries have been handpicked for their rarity, significance to design, engineering, and the outstanding achievement they represent in automotive history.

Enjoy the photo gallery below, with photos courtesy of R.M. Sotheby’s auction house.


1965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-1011 1965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-10511965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-10611965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-10711965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-10811965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-10911965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-11011965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-11211965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-11411965-Porsche-356-C-1600-cabriolet-Janis-Joplin-1151

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