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August 07, 2015

AskPatty's Back-to-School Tips 3: Check The Tire Tread


Consider driving conditions where the student will be living. If the climate at college leans towards wet or snowy winters, be sure the car has enough tire tread for those conditions.

While tires should be replaced when they’re worn down to 2/32-inch of tread, be extra cautious and ensure your tires have at least 4/32-inch of remaining tread depth for driving under wet or snowy conditions. Instead of relying on the traditional penny test, use a quarter: If the top of Washington’s head is showing, you’ve reached 4/32’s of an inch and you may want to replace your student's tires now to ensure best winter-weather handling.

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Have Questions About Tire Care And Maintenance?

Visit for more information about tire care and maintenance. For more information or service visit and use the Dealer Finder to locate your nearest Authorized Nexen Dealer. You can also call the toll-free technical support number: 1-800-57-NEXEN (63936) / 1-866-70-NEXEN (63936). Follow NEXEN Tire on Facebook and Twitter for details on tire and car care tips, exciting contests, and more.

While you're packing the kids off to school, take a little extra time to think about the tires that will transport them this school year and your desire to keep them all safe. After all, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that touch the road -- so they're very important to travel safety, and proper tire maintenance can boost your fuel economy, too!

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