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March 09, 2015

Women, Warranties, Why?


Everybody loves a great product that's backed by awesome customer service, right? What woman hasn't heard about the generous return policy at Nordstrom? The posh department store pledges to do its best to take care of the customer, with a promise to deal with her fairly and reasonably when she is unhappy with a product she purchased there.

Buyers of automobiles and automotive products have similar protection, thanks to warranties provided by the manufacturers at the time of purchase. While they may not be as generous as the "No Questions Asked," policy at Nordstrom, these auto manufacturers also stand behind what they sell by giving assurance that the company will make repairs or replace defective parts free of charge for a stated period of time after purchase. Cars, and the parts on them, are expected to run well, and last a certain amount of time. The companies guarantee they will.

NexenTwitterGraphicThese warranty promises cover all new cars sold in the United States -- from the paint to upholstery to the engine -- as well as many replacements for items purchased to repair wear and tear, including such parts as the tires. Yes, even the tires! We all know that tires wear out and must be replaced eventually, but did you know that manufacturers place mileage expectations on their tires? If the tire wears out or goes flat before hitting the end of its warranty period they will credit you back for miles that are not delivered!

Keep in mind that warranty lengths and policies can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and they're not all as generous as the return policy offered by Nordstrom. Product warranties are a signal of the company's confidence in their product: After all, if their product doesn't last the contracted use period, the company has to pay back consumers for their losses. Consumers should view these warranties like quality guarantees: a longer warranty should indicate a better-quality product, right?

We’ve compared the plans, and believe Nexen Tire America has the best tire warranty in the industry with its NEXEN TOTAL COVERAGE WARRANTY™. In addition to the typical workmanship and defect protection, the Nexen Total Coverage Warranty also gives consumers a generous tread wear mileage warranty, a road hazard warranty, and a convenient roadside assistance policy. As explained earlier, their generous tire warranty is designed to protect the value of your tire purchase and ensure its quality, but it also provides assurance when hazards do occur, and frees you from worry if it happens.

NexenTireUSAsmLogoNexen's unmatched warranty is backed by the company's pledge to ensure you will reach your destination safely while enjoying a smooth, comfortable ride. Nexen makes this promise because they believe their company has the most advanced manufacturing facilities and the most stringent quality control standards in the tire industry.

Nexen wants consumers to feel good about their purchase, so, in addition to the expected coverage for defects in workmanship and materials in their tires, the company also includes the following:

As many manufacturers may offer, this warranty covers your tires for the stated warranty period against premature wear and credits you back for the miles that were under delivered.  If a tire reaches the end of its “usable tread life” before the stated mileage warranty, the consumer is issued a pro rata credit towards a replacement Nexen tire. What is "Usable tread life"? The life of the original usable tread ends when the tire tread has been worn down with only 2/32nds inch remaining, at which point, the tire is considered to be fully worn out.

Beyond the customary tread wear warranty, many patterns sold by Nexen also carry  a road hazard warranty that covers your tires for the stated warranty period for the replacement cost of a new tire in case of non-repairable damage. If your tire suffers non-repairable damage caused by such road hazards such as nails, glass, potholes, or other debris in the first 12 months of ownership, the company will replace it with a Nexen tire 100% free of charge. If road hazard damage occurs in the second 12-month period, Nexen will pay for 50% of the dealer’s purchase cost to replace with a Nexen tire.

Finally, roadside assistance covers your tires 24/7/365 for a period of 36 months from date of purchase. In case of flat, you don’t have to change your tire! Their warranty promises that a qualified professional will swap your flat tire with your spare tire free of charge. If a working spare is not available or you have two or more flat tires, towing will be provided free of charge to the nearest Nexen Tire dealer or authorized place of repair. That certainly makes life simpler, doesn’t it?

NexenFacebookGraphicAs with any legal contract, there is always some fine print. For more specific information on the terms and conditions of Nexen's warranty programs, be sure to review the complete Nexen Total Coverage Warranty guidelines at

For more information or service regarding Nexen Tire America, please contact your nearest Authorized Nexen Dealer. For more information, please call the toll-free technical support number: 1-800-57-NEXEN (63936) / 1-866-70-NEXEN (63936)

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Brandy Schaffels
Chief Editor -


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