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February 09, 2015

Is Bruce Jenner Latest to Suffer from “Escalade Curse”?

2012 Escalade ESV PremiumHat tip to USAToday’s  Chris Woodyard for making the Escalade connection between celebrities Bruce Jenner, Justin Bieber, Tiger Woods, and Paris Hilton.

Aside from having fame and fortune in common, these celebrities also don’t have much luck when out and about in their Cadillac Escalades. 

Sadly, Jenner’s is the latest, and by far, the most tragic scenario, when his Escalade towing a trailer was involved in a multicar crash on Saturday that resulted in the death of a 69-year-old woman in Malibu. Reports say his phone records are currently being subpoenaed to determine whether texting may have played a factor in the accident. 

As Woodward explains, there’s nothing in particular wrong with the opulent Escalade. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. “The SUV keeps turning up in the gossip rags,” says Woodward, “simply because it is the vehicle of choice for so many celebrities, a luxurious fortress on wheels that lends itself to the glamorous, protected lifestyle.”

So what other celebrity mischief has the popular Escalade played a part in? According to Woodyard:

• Paris Hilton was arrested in an Escalade on the Las Vegas Strip in 2010 when a passing police officer detected marijuana smoke from it, and arrested for cocaine possession.

• Tiger Woods smashed his Escalade into a fire hydrant in 2009 in his Florida neighborhood right before a string of disclosures about alleged mistresses. Wood's then-wife broke the vehicle's windows with a golf club (supposedly) to help extract him from the wreck.

• Atlanta police seized an Escalade being used by singer Justin Bieber after finding marijuana in it last year, TMZ reported. Bieber was not implicated, but the vehicle was towed away by the cops. A few months later, TMZ said, Bieber was riding in an Escalade that was involved in a crash in Beverly Hills as he was being pursued by paparazzi.


We should be thankful Lindsay Lohan prefers to drive Porsches. Think of the damage she could do if she were to step up into one of these popular jumbo utility vehicles!


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