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February 11, 2015

Have you Played with the Lincoln Music Selfie Experiment?

Brandy_schaffels_headshot-lincoln_Music_selfie_experimentThis week, the Lincoln Motor Company introduced a fun, technology-driven marketing campaign that adds a unique audio layer to the pop-culture phenomenon of #selfies.

Launched on Monday, Lincoln’s Music Selfie Experiment allows individuals to upload a digital self-portrait, to which Lincoln then adds an original audio track based on users’ unique facial features. Users can visit  to upload their image, or can tweet their image to @LincolnMotorCo.

Scanning software then applies an algorithm based on facial feature measurements. The innovative software scans the user’s face, associates values based on various features, and pulls from a large database of audio files to create the music selfie.

The result: selfies become a multisensory expression of one’s self. And different photos do create different soundtracks, as demonstrated by my experiment with two very different photos. The first is a smiling headshot taken in an office setting a few years ago, which attracted more dynamic music, while the second selfie, a sedate driving photo (taken, ironically, behind the wheel of a Lincoln MKZ), received a much calmer soundtrack. The Selfie Experiment lets you copy a url or share privately, or also allows users to upload their snippet to a gallery, where they can publically share their work of art with others who have also participated.

The Social media-driven activity is designed to help Lincoln connect with younger, more diverse audience of potential customers. “Music plays a large part in Lincoln's commitment to the arts,” said Dave Rivers, manager, U.S. Lincoln marketing communications. “Through the innovative technology of the Music Selfie Experiment, Lincoln is inspiring people of all walks of life to engage with the brand through music.” Their quote says “all walks of life,” but based on the images currently saved in the community gallery, the demographic is decidedly skewed to women.

Music selfies are generated in real-time, and more than 4 million facial-recognition audio track variations are possible. The images are scanned by software developed exclusively for Lincoln by Jam3, a Toronto-based digital production agency. Using data from the facial analysis, the experience creates a 20-second music composition composed of audio tracks supplied by music production company Plan8. 


For more information, watch this 30-second video on the Lincoln Music Selfie Experiment.




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