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December 16, 2014

AskPatty’s Holiday Shopping Guide - Ten Great Automotive Gifts for Gals

Christmas_car_thinkstock-500409181-sIt’s that time of year again when we rack our brains trying to find the perfect gift for those special people on our list. To help you in your quest for the ultimate gifts, AskPatty will be sharing gift guides for the rest of the week to help you find the right gift for the car lovers in your world.

Today, we’re starting with ten great gifts for your special car girl. Whether you want to gift her with fun and decorative car accessories, car themed gifts, or practical items she can keep in her car, these ten suggestions make great holiday gifts for the special girls on your list.

Fun Gifts for Her Car

First off, women love to dress up with fashionable accessories and now they can decorate their cars with the same girly style with these three items from CarDecor. specializes in fun car accessories for her that you may not find in other car parts stores, and you can shop online from the comfort of home knowing they’ll ship your gifts right to your door. All orders are packaged with care and include a free car air freshener.

Pink_daisy_auto_vaseDon’t just give her flowers this Christmas; surprise her with a cute Pink Daisy Auto Vase ($11) to decorate her car. The small glass vase clips onto the car’s air vent and can be filled with an artificial flower or a live bloom from the garden. A thoughtful gift idea for any girl on your list. 

Rhinstone_license_plate_frameYou can never go wrong by giving her a gift of girly car bling. Rhinestone license plate frames are like shiny jewelry for her car. The Crystal Rhinestone License Plate Frame ($30) fits standard size DMV plates and has an assortment of colors that will look great on any car.

Visor_frame_blackHere’s a great stocking stuffer idea: the Black Visor Frame ($10) is a nice gift for your daughter or mother. This mini picture frame clips on the car’s sun visor to display a small wallet-sized photo or memorial card. The visor frame is available in four colors: black, silver, white and pink.  



Clothing and Accessories

Harveys_Seatbelt_Bag_TreecycleWhat car-loving woman wouldn’t love to have a Harvey's Seatbelt bag? Our favorite colors include juicy Grapefruit and Mint, and a lovely braided bag style called “Sophia.” Among the most-popular bags in the Harvey's line are a collection of 100% recycled seatbelts called "Treecycle":  Fully lined with hemp fabric imprinted with eco-friendly inks, the Treecycle line includes small wallets ($78) and messenger bags ($98), full-size totes, and satchels ($118). It’s been many years since I have carried a diaper bag, but I absolutely adore the “Tough Love” diaper bag ($198) in shades of pink. I love my cranberry red messenger bag and the attention it gets from others who are attracted to its lovely but durable appearance! Plus, Harvey’s bags are handmade in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

The_Hookup_in_carWomen need a safe place to put their purse while driving -- sudden stops can toss a purse off the seat and onto the floor, and ugh, who wants to put her purse on the dirty car floor? Keep your bag safely in place with  "The HookUp" luxury purse hanger from FaFaConcepts. New York Designer Farvardin Fathi conceived her vision of The HookUp when her sister’s Hermes Birkin handbag was stolen at a busy city café. Available in a variety of beautiful finishes -- from 22K gold ($125) to platinum ($110), to Black Pearl ($110) -- to match any handbag, the heart-shaped design of "The Hookup" is stylish enough to hang off of your purse when not in use, so that it can be pulled out at a moment’s notice. With a simple twist, the versatile design extends to a sleek but durable scripted “S” to be used as a hook for umbrellas, coats, shopping bags, and of course, your purse, and can hang more than 30 pounds from the edge of a table, car seat, or coat hook. The patented tool weighs only 1.4 oz, is handcrafted from 18 aluminum-alloy parts, and is expected to last more than 10 years.

Sometimes a girl on the go needs to keep a change of clothes in the car, but that doesn’t mean she wants to take an overnight bag everywhere she goes. These two discrete items can be kept in her glovebox to have on hand when she needs them.

Our days are long and whether you've miscalculated the time of the month or are going from work to dinner; whatever the reason, having a fresh change of underwear can be a huge relief. UrbanUndercover has created a patented roll-up pocket in their gorgeous lacy panties ($24 to $30) that allow you to covertly toss an extra pair into any purse, work, gym or travel bag, or even your glovebox. And there's an extra perk…when unrolled they’ve got a convenient pocket that serves as a place to stash secret necessities such as a wipe, a tampon, insulin, cash, an ID, or lipgloss. Available in a variety of gorgeous styles from thong, hipster, to boyshorts, they’re simply genius for ladies on the move.

Skirt_the_issueEvery woman young and old has turned down her fair share of fun opportunities because of a lack of wardrobe foresight. With she can have the perfect throw-on-and-go cover-up ($30) for tackling last-minute plans in confidence. Each piece is crafted from a soft and non-wrinkling poly lycra blend that can be used as a skirt, shirt, or even a scarf. Its unique design ensures that it's never inside out or upside down, and that it can be slipped on and off with zero fuss. From its chic yet functional design to its form hugging fabric, it provides a multitude of stylish possibilities for those less than fashionable moments by giving women a fashionable and modest “cover up” so they can feel confident wherever they are. Skirt-The-Issue was created by a girl who loved to dance, workout, and then go out (coffee shop, mall, lunch), and though she didn’t have time to do an entire outfit change, she wanted to do the minimum to look fashionable, chic and be comfy. With a fast-paced lifestyle, efficiency is a priority, so everyone from teens to busy moms can benefit from keeping one of these lightweight garments always at the ready in backpacks, gym bags, or purses. Being able to keep one of these skirts in her glove compartment could be the solution to SO many ISSUES!

TravelcollageMost women have a bit of wanderlust in their personalities – the desire to travel and explore. But as time passes, it can be hard to keep all of the dates and experiences fresh in one’s mind. That’s where KEE Kreations’ travel collage print, “The Traveler” can help. This 12x18 print of an original watercolor painting ($20 to $40 depending on framing option) was designed for those who love to keep their great adventures in view to mentally relive the excitement again and again. The suitcase is covered with blank travel collage decals to be written on. Yes! Write on the artwork!! Simply add a date, details about the destination, and even the names of your traveling companions. Add a few words around the travel collage decals to remind you of the highlights from the trip. There's even a name tag tied to the suitcase handle ready for the traveler’s name to be recorded. “The Traveler” is a fun way to display a collection of time, travel, and event memories, by allowing the owner to keeping the facts straight in an artistic display long after the trip has passed.

Gifts that Give Back

AskPatty appreciates a variety of health-related and social concerns, and is presenting two gift ideas here that support amazing causes through their sales.

Melissa_Joan_HartThe first is a custom line of celeb-designed medical bracelets from Hope Paige  that give back to a variety of charitable causes. Hope Paige, the leading creator of stylish medical jewelry and a HUGE advocate of philanthropy, has teamed up with celebs to create customized bracelets ($29 to $35) that raise awareness for a variety of foundations. Sales from each bracelet will donate 100% of profits to the charity of the celebrity’s choice! Celebrities participating and the charities they support include Melissa Joan Hart (Melissa and Joey) – St. Jude Children’s Hospital; Dot Marie Jones (Glee) – The American Cancer Society; Meatloaf – The Painted Turtle Project; Greg Grunberg (Heroes) –; Leeza Gibbons – Leeza’s Place, "A Place for Family Caregivers"; Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars) - Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation; Angela Bassett (American Horror Story) - Adoption Ministry of Youth with a Mission; Danielle Jonas – Change for Children foundation; Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) - Golisano Children's Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Bridgewater_candlesThe second charitable item on our list of gifts for women are these candles from Bridgewater Candles ($16 to $24). It's easy to forget how fortunate each and every one of us is as the busy holiday season progresses. For every candle sold, the company makes a donation to Rice Bowl's Foundation to feed an orphaned child for a day. Jingle is a fabulous new candle from Bridgewater Candle Company perfect for the holidays! Jingle’s scent radiates with a melody of fir balsam, fir needle, and cedarwood layered over accords of fresh greens and sweet sap. A duo of syrupy caramel and musk echoes sweet notes in perfect harmony. The candles feature natural soy-blend wax formulated for maximum fragrance and clean burn, and are poured into decorative reusable glass jar with silver lid. To date, Bridgewater Candles has helped to provide almost 4 million meals!! Bridgewater Candles has found a way for anyone to help without having to think twice, plus their candles are made in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where they believe in supporting American jobs while sharing their blessings with the world.


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