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December 19, 2014

10 Tips to Solve Foggy Lighting This Holiday Season

SYLVANIA_zXe_Fog_lifestyle_sDriving in heavy fog, even for the experienced driver can be a daunting experience. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation,  an average of 31,385 crashes, resulting in 11,812 persons injured and 511 deaths, occur each year – all due to fog.

Given the dangerous circumstances of driving in fog, it's important to keep as safe as is possible and this can be achieved by installing high-quality fog lights and using them properly.

Headlights_in_fog-thinkstock-467847903_sHere are some best practices on fog lights shared with us by Brian Noble, Marketing Manager for SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting:

1. Fog lights are primarily meant to be used in foggy/hazy conditions. Mounting the lights low on the car helps to put light on the road below the fog. That way, objects can still be illuminated and hopefully visible.

2. Fog lights have a very shallow and wide beam pattern. This puts a lot of light in a wide patch in front of the car to help drivers see better in the poor conditions.

Headlights_in_fog-thinkstock-476860523-s3. People use fog lights for style and think they’re adding more light for safety but they can actually result in a less safe situation. Improper usage, such as leaving fog lights on in normal conditions because they might “look cool,” puts more light on the road closer to the vehicle, drawing the driver’s eyes down closer to front of the vehicle rather than farther down the road.

4. Auxiliary lights that function more like an additional low beam help put additional light on and down the road.

Sylvania_SilverStar_Fog_s5. New LED fog lights, like the Sylvania ZEVO™ Fog daytime running lights, are considerably brighter in foggy/hazy conditions. Sylvania’s SilverStar fog light bulbs provide a brighter, whiter light and, coming soon, SilverStar zXe fog lights offer a more stylish white similar to HID color temperature.

Additional Safety Tips from the California Department of Motor Vehicles:

6. Allow more distance between vehicles and be prepared to stop within the space you can see ahead of you. Increase your count distance by 5 seconds instead of the normal 2 seconds behind another vehicle. Never rush or speed to get out of the fog. Avoid crossing or passing lanes of traffic unless absolutely necessary. Listen for traffic you cannot see.

7. The moisture in the air may continuously collect on the windshield, making it more difficult to see, so use your wipers and defroster as necessary for best vision.

8. If the fog becomes so thick that you can barely see, consider pulling off the roadway, activating your emergency signal lights, and waiting until the weather improves before continuing.

Headlights_in_fog-thinkstock-187222695-s9. Beware of animals! Animals -- especially deer -- feel bolder under cover of fog and are much harder to see if they should wander into the road.

10. The best advice for driving in heavy fog is DON’T. Fog is often a morning or evening weather phenomena, so if possible, avoid driving during these times, or consider postponing your trip until the fog clears. However, if you must drive, then drive slowly, turn on your windshield wipers, and use your low beam headlights. (Don’t be tempted to use your high beams: The light from the high beam headlights will reflect back and cause glare.)

Headlights_in_fog-thinkstock-178590828-sAutomotive lighting does more than illuminate the way from A to B: It makes any car stand out from dusk till dawn. Sylvania offers a wide range of high-performance automotive lighting products with style, performance, and the safety of you and your family in mind. Learn more about their automotive lighting products here at Sylvania’s automotive lighting website.

No matter whether the spotlight is on safety or style, Sylvania ZEVO Fog lighting guarantees a brilliant holiday driving experience. If you’re planning to change your bulbs before your holiday driving adventure, click here to find where to buy Sylvania lighting products.



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