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November 04, 2014

Volkswagen e-Golf Auction raises $41k for Global Green USA

Volkswagen_e-Golf_auctionLong-time EV driver and Volkswagen  fan Bruce Oberg placed a $41,400 winning bid to end last week's online auction at,  and become the owner of America’s first 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf.

Proceeds from the auction of the first 2015 all-electric Volkswagen benefit Global Green USA, a national environmental non-profit and leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that help improve lives and protect the planet.

2015_Volkswagen_e-golf-GLobal_Green_auction-4194-rearview“Volkswagen’s commitment to e-mobility and sustainability runs deep. We could not be more proud that the e-Golf has helped raise money to benefit the efforts of Global Green USA, an organization that shares in our dedication to the environment,” said Michael Horn, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “As the auction winner takes home VW’s first fully electric vehicle, we are eager to invite more consumers to the brand as our fun-to-drive, yet practical EV goes on sale.”

Global Green USA is dedicated to helping the people, places, and the planet in need through catalytic projects, transformative policy, and cutting-edge research. Global Green USA's signature programs include greening affordable housing, schools, neighborhoods, and cities as well as rebuilding communities — such as New Orleans and areas of New York and New Jersey — that have suffered from the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental degradation.

2015_Volkswagen_e-golf-GLobal_Green_auction-4197-engine“I am pleased to support Global Green USA’s work to build a more sustainable future, and am thrilled that I get to take home one of the first Volkswagen all-electric vehicles,” said Oberg. “I love driving EVs, I have enjoyed owning Volkswagens all my life, and I cannot wait to experience the e-Golf for myself.”

More about the Volkswagen e-Golf

Introduced as part of Volkswagen’s powertrain strategy to offer highly efficient driving systems and as part of the company’s Think Blue.© sustainability initiative, the all-new e-Golf is Volkswagen’s first fully-electric vehicle, operating solely on an ultra-efficient 24.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. It produces zero tailpipe emissions, and requires zero trips to the pump.

2015_Volkswagen_e-golf-GLobal_Green_auction-4205-CargoThe U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently rated the 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf at 126 city, 105 highway, and 116 combined miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe), making the e-Golf the most efficient car in the compact EV class. Volkswagen promises a range as high as 100 miles per charge, and backs up that promise with a Roadside Assistance Plan designed to take the potential stress out of planning around the range limits of an EV. For instance, if the e-Golf runs out of charge within 100 miles of the owner’s home, Volkswagen will arrange for the car to be delivered to a nearby, convenient source for charging, as well as pay any taxi or transportation fees for the owner.

Volkswagen_e-golf_drivetrainThe Volkswagen  e-Golf's electric motor produces 115 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. The e-Golf has a 7.2 kW onboard charger as standard equipment, enabling the EV’s battery to be recharged in any of three ways. While the standard charging cable can plug into any 110/120-volt electrical socket and fully charge the battery in roughly 20 hours, a more optimal solution exists in the 240-volt wallbox that utilizes the full 7.2 kW to charge a battery in less than four hours. The e-Golf can also recharge using DC fast charging infrastructure (at available stations), which delivers direct power at up to 50 kW, bringing the battery’s state of charge up to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes. Any of these options promise cheaper ownership costs than fueling a traditional gasoline combustion engine.

Volkswagen_e-golf_badgeAccording to,  the e-Golf is expected to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just over 10 seconds, making it faster than the competing Nissan Leaf by about a second. Top speed is limited to 87 miles per hour.

With a cargo volume in the trunk of 22.8 cubic feet or as much as 52.7 with all the seats down, and a total passenger volume of 93.5 cubic feet, the versatile electric vehicle also boasts one of the largest interiors in its class. Volkswagen boasts its new e-Golf offers the environmental and practical benefits of an electric vehicle with the fun-to-drive design so beloved by fans of the Golf family.

Volkswagen_e-golf_drivingThe E-Golf is priced at $36,265 for the fully equipped SEL Premium model (including destination and delivery), placing it in between the popular Nissan LEAF, which has a starting price of $29,800, and the newest German luxury EVs, the BMW i3 and Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, offered at $42,300 and $42,400 respectively. These figures do not account for possible $7,500 federal tax credit, or a $2,500 rebate offered in California, for any of these vehicles.

As part of that price, Volkswagen provides a holistic e-mobility experience with a low-carbon footprint to all e-Golf owners, by investing in carbon reduction projects through 3Degrees. Through its partnership with this renewable energy and carbon offset services provider, Volkswagen will help offset the emissions created during the production, distribution, and use of the vehicle for the first 36,000 miles of driving.

Volkswagen_e-golf_rearviewAvailable charging solutions from Bosch® and Chargepoint®, along with a new Roadside Assistance program and VW Car-Net® mobile app with e-Golf features, are designed to make owning the e-Golf a thoroughly reassuring, rewarding and enjoyable experience. Extra peace of mind comes with limited battery warranty that covers eight years or 100,000 miles against 70 percent capacity.

"Alternative fuel vehicles, especially electric vehicles, have the potential to transform mass transportation in the U.S. – and globally – by drastically reducing pollution and oil dependence,” noted Les McCabe, Ph.D., President and CEO of Global Green USA. “This collaboration centers on our shared commitment to helping urban communities improve air quality by dramatically reducing carbon emissions.”

The Volkswagen e-Golf also carries a standard a three-year/36,000-mile roadside assistance program, as well as the one-year/10,000-mile Carefree Maintenance® Program that covers the vehicle’s first scheduled maintenance during this period, at no extra charge. The 2015 e-Golf will be available through participating VW dealerships later this month in the initial launch states including California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington D.C.

[Read more about the gasoline-powered Volkswagen Golf here at]


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