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November 25, 2014

Tips for Winterizing your Car

Snow_winter_weather-thinkstock-183439602Some might still be wearing shorts and flip flops in sunny Los Angeles, but as snow begins to fall across the Northern United States, it’s time for others to prepare for colder temperatures.

Taking preventative measures now is the best defense against cold-weather worries later.

With that said, there is more to winter preparation than buying rain boots and blankets, and we’re reminding AskPatty readers that getting your vehicle ready for winter driving is an extremely important step during your cold-weather preparations.

Holiday_Travel_Tips-windshield_wipers-TrueCar_pricing-Thinkstock_78050476Reader’s Digest has published a list of five helpful hacks to make winter weather less worrisome. Their quick little slideshow includes some strange, but clever, car tips for winter, including hacks on how keep your windshield from icing over in the snow, how to unfreeze an icy door lock, how to unstick frozen wiper blades, how to defog steamy windshields, and how to keep side-view mirrors from icing up at night. 

Below are some more useful tips to winterize your car, shared with us by the folks at Kleen-Rite

  • Keep track of the wear on your tires to ensure you have enough tread for rainy weather. If you’re in a region where snow and ice are common, swap out your all-season tires for winter tires.
  • If you live in climates with sub-zero temperatures, change your oil to one with a viscosity better suited for the cold weather.
  • Give your vehicle a good waxing to protect it against salts and chemicals that may be used for de-icing roads.
  • Have your auto technician check belts and hoses.
  • Apply a repellant to the windshield and windows to keep them free of slush, salt, and all-around muck.
  • Check your battery’s state of charge in case it needs replacing. The heat of summer can wreak havoc on a battery’s chemistry, leaving it weak just when you need it for winter’s hard cold starts.


Want more handy tips to help you prep for winter? Then check out the following stories here at AskPatty:



Harsh, cold climates can be especially hazardous if you’re unprepared, so taking the right steps in advance can help eliminate problems during the winter season. Check out the infographic from Kleen-Rite below for visual tips on winterizing your vehicle.




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