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October 13, 2014

OnStar Shares Camping Hacks to Enhance Your Outdoor Adventures

OnStar_Camping_hack-introA scholarly fellow once said camping is 90-percent preparation; the rest depends on how well you deal with ghost stories, bug bites, and eating beef jerky for three days in a row. I'm not much of a camper, so I expect I'd be the one complaining about being dirty and cold.

However, OnStar is all about helping you be prepared and connecting you to the right people, so they teamed up with camping expert Perry Keydel to share camping tricks and tips for your next outdoor adventure.

OnStar_Camping_hack-hang_pots_pans_on_tree OnStar_Camping_hacks-straw_spicesPractical camping tips range from using a pencil sharpener to collect wood shavings from a stick to help start a campfire, to sharing many practical ways to use a one-gallon milkjug and a roll of duct tape.

Tips also share a simple way to bring small packages of seasonings as well as easy ways to make coffee and pancakes.

OnStar_Camping_hack-outdoor_theatreOf course, the final tip shows how to easily create an outdoor theatre using a tablet, a portable movie projector, and OnStar's available 4G LTE and built in Wi-Fi hotspot to stream your favorite movie on a big screen under the stars.

Check out all the helpful camping hacks in the fun and informative article here at OnStar Connections

OnStar_Camping_Hacks_perry_keydel-sPerry Keydel is an avid outdoorsman who has spent months on end living in the woods, where he taught teenagers the necessities for outdoor survival. When Perry isn’t working at an outdoor recreational store in Birmingham, Michigan, you can catch him in the woods blazing a new trail. For him, it’s all about getting out there and encouraging campers to connect with nature, from the backcountry to the backyard.



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