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October 29, 2014

How NOT to Sell Your Used Car: Examples of Photos that Kill Car Sales

Sunshine-upside_downSo, you want to sell your used car? Whether you’re posting your used car on Craigslist or through a more commercial used-car service, outlets to sell your used car online are easy to find.

But you can easily ruin your chances for success if you choose bad photos. It doesn't matter how great your car actually looks in real life, if you want to attract a buyer for your car, you need to ensure your photos don’t look like these.

“Especially when car shopping, price and car design have always been the two biggest hot buttons that will dictate the success of a car sale,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of “Photos that showcase the car’s design and features are even more important in a peer-to-peer sales environment.”

Be mindful when posting photos of your car: The following types of photos will NEVER sell your car online:

Sunshine_bad_effect-2014-10-23 13.13.42Poor Photo Filters: 
It might be cool to use photo filters during your trip to Europe, but it’s not helping to move your car. Everything from black and white filters to retro backgrounds can show your car inappropriately and leave potential buyers with the wrong impression. 


Sunshine_stretchedStretched Photos: 
Your two-door sedan is not a stretch limo. Therefore, don’t give potential buyers the impression that it is. Check the specs of the online marketplace and upload your photos correctly. Size may matter but in this case longer is not better.


Sunshine_bad_location-20141023_131515Inappropriate Vehicle Location: 
Be mindful of your car’s surroundings when taking photos. Cluttered environments can leave an impression of a cluttered car, and the background can detract from where your suitor’s attention needs to be – on the vehicle.


Sunshine-bad_angleImproper Photo Orientation:
Don’t try to produce the next James Bond film. Cars can’t drive straight into the air, nor can they drill down into the ground. Make sure the photo orientation shows the car in its natural position.


Sunshine-bad_cropPoor Photo Cropping:
Get the entire car in the photo. Otherwise, many buyers might begin to wonder if you’re hiding scratches, blemishes or other damage to a certain part of the car. In the world of online dating, you’d probably want to see the entire picture of someone before making contact, right?

Swapalease, a company that helps facilitate lease transfers online, has compiled a list of 11 different types of photos that can kill your car sale, which  includes the following:

    1. Bad Photo Filters
    2. Stretched Photos
    3. Improper Photo Orientation
    4. Inappropriate Vehicle Location
    5. Nighttime Photos
    6. Poor Photo Cropping
    7. Sun Glare Photos
    8. Inappropriate Vertical Shots
    9. No Interior Shots
    10. Modeling Shots
    11. Modeling The Features

For more details on each photo type, as well as an example of each one and tips on how to improve your used car photos, please click here to read the blog on

 Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace, helping to match individuals who want to get out of their lease with people who are looking for short-term lease agreements. Prospective buyers can search the listings for the exact vehicle they want, and then register for a nominal fee, allowing them to use’s safe online system to contact the prospective seller and close the deal. For more information about or how to exit your lease early, call 866-SWAPNOW or visit



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