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September 24, 2014

Have You Ever Participated in a Riddle Road Rally?

THE_SEXTANT_GROUP-10TH_ANNUAL_ROAD_RALLY-funcarA contest of precision, road rally participants receive a series of instructions filled with riddles and puzzles that lead drivers and navigators on a specific route. The course is planned to be completed in a set time, and the goal is to finish in as close to that precise time and mileage as possible.

The “riddle rally” is not your typical race – it involves solving clues to decipher a route, driven at legal speeds on public roads. Smart phones and GPS can be dangerous tools!  The RR is deliberately designed so that the info found on a GPS or smart phone can be extremely misleading.

THE_SEXTANT_GROUP-10TH_ANNUAL_ROAD_RALLY-startRiddle Rallys have been popular club events for many years, but fell out of favor when fuel prices went sky high. They’re coming back into fashion as fun and competitive activities for car clubs and other groups, with events that may run the gamut from scavenger-hunt-type treasure hunts in which teams are rewarded for best time, speed, and distance while obtaining the prizes, to poker runs, where participants collect cards at checkpoints and are rewarded for the best hand at the end of the rally.

Learn more about the premiere Off-Road Rally Event for women, the annual Ralleye Aicha des Gazelles.  

Route instructions can be simple (example: Right on Jones) or can be two- and three-part instructions always directing an action. You never know where you are going until you get there!

THE_SEXTANT_GROUP-10TH_ANNUAL_ROAD_RALLY-checkpointTypical Road Rally Clues and Tips:

1.  The clue in a riddle rally will only make sense if you are in the right place.  
2.  If you get lost, your only strategy is to go back to the last clue where you absolutely knew where you were, and then start over.
3.  Always proceed straight until told to turn off the current road.
4.  Obey all traffic laws, speed limits, and street signs.

As it celebrates its 20th year in business, the Pittsburgh-based national technology consulting firm The Sextant Group is revving the engines for its 10th Annual Road Rally on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  The event, specifically targeted toward members of the architectural industry, has grown in reputation and participation every year for the last decade.

The company’s name, The Sextant Group, is derived from the navigational instrument historically used by sailors to sail the high seas. The firm’s overarching metaphor extends to the road rally — helping participants find their way to a destination by giving them the right tools to stay on course.

This 10th annual / 20th anniversary celebration (affectionately known as the “10/20” rally) starts at the firm’s corporate headquarters on Pittsburgh’s beautiful and historic Washington’s Landing (aka Herr’s Island, a reclaimed brownfield island in the middle of the Allegheny River). Traversing city streets, forgotten back alleys, bridges and rivers, and out-of-the-way county roads, the rally is strategically scheduled to take advantage of Western Pennsylvania’s peak autumn foliage colors.

THE_SEXTANT_GROUP-10TH_ANNUAL_ROAD_RALLY-flickr-10712065826_3142007733_zLast year, nearly 70 people participated in the road rally, a record number of attendees for the annual event. Eighteen of 25 cars finished the 71-mile course, one of the best showings over the last decade. This year’s event will be limited to 30 drivers.

A car and driver enthusiast, The Sextant Group’s President and CEO Mark Valenti, says, “Winning teams are built around sharp-eyed and clever navigators. As a national technology consultant, The Sextant Group helps clients navigate the complex digital landscape, guiding them through challenges brought about by new and emerging technologies.  We’re delighted to continue this annual event that has grown into a meaningful and fun experience for our clients and friends.”

Photos from The Sextant Group Road Rally Flickr page 

If you’re looking for clues to help you create or solve a fun road rally event, be sure to check out the Official guide To Gimmick Rallying



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