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September 22, 2014

“The Light Shift” Ad Campaign To Illuminate Night Workers Launches At Sylvania 300 Race Event

Sylvania-The-light-shiftYou may call it the graveyard shift, third shift, or night shift, but the folks at Sylvania Automotive Lighting call it “The Light Shift.” Because people with different professions and hobbies share the road every night, expecting to arrive safely at their destination, Sylvania Automotive Lighting has created a new advertising campaign to 'shine a light' on those travelers and the important role headlights play in their travel.

The lighting company’s new digital campaign chronicles the stories of more than seven million real people who choose to work or play while the rest of America sleeps. Called “The Light Shift,” the campaign celebrates those with professions or hobbies that require them to travel at night. Sylvania knows the night shift is a tough job and reliable lighting is needed to get the job done. The first video in the series, debuted this weekend at the SYLVANIA 300 race event on Sunday, September 21, profiling NASCAR® hauler driver, Glenn Shano, of Michael Waltrip Racing, as he drives thousands of miles from race to race with two race cars and every part needed for race day.

If you’re a “Light Shift” worker, whether you’re a long-haul trucker or police officer to a morning newscaster or charitable volunteer, Sylvania also invites you to share your story for a chance to be featured in an upcoming video profile. Simply email your story in 100 words or less to for a chance to be featured at

2015 Lincoln Navigator LED taillightDo you know about the benefits of LED lighting over the traditional incandescent bulb we are all so familiar with? Homeowners can save operating costs by replacing incandescent bulbs with the new LED alternatives. However, many automotive manufacturers are beginning to integrate LED lighting into their vehicle designs because of their long life and efficient electric draw -- in fact, the newest 2015 Lincoln Navigator utilizes 222 LED exterior lights they call “Squircles”!

2013-ford-mustang-gt-headlightsUsing LED lighting in vehicle production also allows designers additional creativity, allowing them to use lighting like “jewelry” to accentuate the vehicle itself. For instance, Ford worked with Sylvania when designing the signature headlight design for the 2013 Ford Mustang.



Find out more about the benefit of LED, halogen, and CFL lighting here:


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