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July 03, 2014

AskPatty Offers Tips to Help You to Celebrate a Safe Fourth of July

Happy_fourth_of_july_from_askpattyAccording to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, drunk driving crashes have accounted for about 40% of the traffic fatalities during the July 4th holiday over the last five years, making it one of the deadliest holidays on our nation’s roadways.

Unfortunately, according to NHTSA, someone in the United States dies in an alcohol-impaired-driving crash every 51 minutes.

Want to better educate yourself on how your blood alcohol concentration is determined? B4UDrink is an interactive program developed by The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) that educates the user about how alcohol consumption affects an individual's Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). You can find out more about your limits here at their “virtual bar.”

B4udrink_infographicAs part of their initiative to educate consumers about responsible drinking, AskPatty joins with and urges you to take the #responsibility pledge today!

With so many summer cookouts, beach trips, and pool parties ahead of us, now is a great time to take a minute to think about making a commitment to safe and responsible drinking this summer and throughout the year. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility joined Total Wine & More to promote responsible consumption and hosting this summer through Total Wine & More's Summertime Pledge Campaign. The pledge is aimed at encouraging the company's customers to be responsible hosts and guests by providing food when alcoholic beverages are served, offering guests non-alcoholic beverages, preventing anyone under 21 from obtaining alcohol, respecting the choice of others not to drink and having an alternative transportation plan or a designated driver when it’s time to go home.

TotalWine_FAAR_PledgeCardTotal Wine & More and invite and encourage you to make a pledge this summer to be a responsible host and guest. Throughout the Independence Day holiday, Total Wine & More customers will have the opportunity to make their summer pledge in all stores across the nation, as well as online.


Declare-indepence-day-dont-drive-drunkPreventing Drunk Driving Goes Beyond Holiday Celebrations

Remember: Buzzed driving is the same as drunk driving. If you’re at a gathering where there is somebody has had too much to drink, consider using the following tips to help keep that drunk driver off the road:

--If it's a good friend, suggest to them that they've had too much to drink and it would be better if someone else drove or if they took a cab.

--If it's somebody you don't know well, talk to their friends and ask them to persuade them to hand over the keys.

--If you don't want to create a confrontation, find their keys while they are preoccupied and take them away. It's likely they will think they've lost them and will be forced to find another mode of transportation.

Find more helpful tips at


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