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June 25, 2014

Summer Road Trips: Why You Need an Espresso Machine in Your Car

Roadtrip_coffee_thinkstock-82756205Have you ever found yourself on the road craving some coffee? Have you found yourself either nowhere near your favorite coffee shop, or simply can’t convince yourself to pay for an overpriced cup?

Or even worse, it’s late at night and you've got the nods and there's no coffee shop for a hundred miles. Almost makes you wish you had brought your personal espresso machine, don’t you? Well, there is a solution.

Many of today’s vehicles now have power outlets that would allow using a personal espresso machine in the car for a great way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee wherever you are.

If you’re a caffeine addict, we know few of the more common times you might need a portable brewer could include:

  • When you are camping
  • Fishing in a secluded area
  • Going on long road trips
  • Tailgating sports events


Whether you are camping in an RV, tent, or cabin, having the ability to brew your own coffee can provide you with the energy you need in the morning to get up and make the most out of your day. An in-car espresso machine is especially useful for times when you may not have an electrical hookup or a generator. Tent camping usually means that you eschew some of the modern luxuries you have at home. With a machine in your car, you don't have to worry about going without a warm cup of coffee.


Some of the best fishing spots are places fairly far away from where you can buy a cup of coffee. While you can always bring your own along with you in a thermos, it can get cold over time, or become stale if you plan on staying out for too long. With a machine in your car, you don't have to worry about messing with a thermos, or about buying a big enough cup to last you the whole morning from the store.

Incar_coffee-handpressoRoad Trips

Long road trips can mean going long distances without stopping for small things like coffee. You’ve probably already invested time and money planning your trip, doing some preventative maintenance, and packing up everything you think you might need to bring along. You’ve already thought to bring snacks and water, but what about a portable espresso machine? Having one would let you enjoy a fresh cup of joe without having to make frequent stops to get more. While it may not be the best idea to drive and try to make a cup at the same time, a passenger should easily be able to make a cup for themselves and the driver. Road trips will never be the same after you have brought an espresso machine, knowing that you can have fresh coffee at your fingertips without having to leave the interstate.


Once football season rolls around, you’ll want to start planning out what to bring when tailgating. Having fun in the parking lot outside a stadium can be a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You'll find plenty of people grilling out, playing games, and just having a good time before the game starts. What you may not see a whole lot of, though would be espressos. Generally, unless it is in a thermos, coffee will get cold relatively quickly, especially during the cooler months when a lot of tailgating takes place.

Take_your_espresso_machine_on_the_roadIf might seem like an indulgence, but having a portable espresso machine means you can make your own within minutes and not have to worry about what you brought from home getting cool. While some hardcore tailgaters may have rigged up a coffee machine to whatever they are tailgating with in the past, everyone now has the power to make their own without the need for a cumbersome setup. They’re not expensive either, with costs starting from $99 for a bespoke in-car traveling edition or a more formal piece of equipment that could be powered by your car’s AC powerplug.

Forget Powdered Instant Coffee!

Roadtrip_coffee_thinkstock-incar_espresso_cupA personal espresso machine can help you get your caffeine fix anywhere you go by providing you a fresh cup under just about any circumstance.

Enjoying caffeine on the go used to mean brewing a fresh cup yourself at home, or buying one from a coffee shop; this is not the case anymore, when there are so many options to make it on the road! 





Gina Coleman is a freelance writer who enjoys the challenge of contributing unique content across the web. She writes on a variety of subjects from marketing to technology. When not in front of the computer doing research, you can find her curled up with a good book.





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