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August 26, 2013

Erin Evernham asks, “What Would they Say, If These Cars Could Talk?”

Female-race-car-driver-erin-evernhamBy Erin Evernham

Having spent most of my life around race cars and collector cars, I often wonder about the stories behind each car. Yeah I know they are inanimate objects but I still like to use my imagination now and again... or maybe I just watched movies like “Cars” and “Christine” one too many times.

Old-race-carTake an old race car for instance... Wouldn’t it be neat to hear the stories about when it was in its heyday?  About the characters who drove the car, about its “injuries and burns,” about its “surgeries,” about its arch rivalries on the track, about getting soaked in champagne in Victory Lane, about the day its owner moved on to a newer and younger model… And what about the rest of the story? Did it end up getting refurbished and reincarnated for a museum or did it head to the graveyard like most? Or even worse: did it end up in the crusher?

1940-Ford-hot-rodOr what about the story of an old hot rod: It would be amazing to hear about hanging out at the local diner, the pinup girls and greasers, the drag racing on the streets, the men and women who rode in the car and the roads they traveled on, what “surgeries” they had. Did they street race or were they just built for show? Did they get new springs and shocks, a new power plant or have their roof chopped, did their owner treat them like a baby and keep them nice and shiny or were they neglected and left outside under a tree?

Old-woody-wagonOr an old woody wagon… I would love to hear about the surfboard it carried, the late-night beach parties it attended, the tiki bars it frequented, the beer spilled on its interior, the road trips to catch the biggest waves, the views it enjoyed while cruising the Pacific Coast Highway, the salty air that slowly wore away at its body and frame, the stickers the owners plastered over its back window, and even the beach bodies that partied on the hood and tailgate.

The more I am around and exposed to older cars the more I get interested in the details. They all have a story to tell and I really enjoy thinking of how they spent their everyday lives and the time period in which they lived. About the culture that surrounded them and the stories of their owners. Did their owners go on their first date in the car? Did they share their first kiss in the back seat? Did they road trip across the country in it? Did the cars spend their lives with multiple different families? Or were they a one-family type of car?

To me, cars have personalities. They have character. So isn’t it fun to think about their souls and the lives they lived?


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