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June 06, 2013

SoCal Girl Takes on Winter Driving at the Nitto Ride 'N Drive Event

NITTO-Winter-Ride-N-Drive-2013-groupBy Sherice Bellefeuille

A few months ago, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah, to participate in a Nitto Ride 'n Drive media event that being held at Miller Motorsports Park. I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised during my experience. Even though this was a winter driving event, because this week is tire safety awareness week, I feel it is a good time to share what I learned there.

Being a Southern California native, I don't have very much experience driving in snowy or icy weather, and thought I knew the right steps to take when put in an emergency situation, such as when trying to stop on ice, but I had to be taught not to go with my instincts which is a very difficult thing to overcome.

The exercises that they created for us to properly test out the different tires mimicked real-world situations:  
1. Uphill Climb (20% and 30% inclines),
2. Emergency maneuvers,
3. Acceleration to quick braking,
4. Going around sharp turns,
5. Regaining control of a car that is skidding.

We drove 2013 Infiniti G37X Sedans to compare the difference between the original Goodyear (stock on the car), the Nitto Motivo (their new all-season tire), and the Nitto NT90W (their winter tire).

NITTO-Winter-Ride-N-Drive-2013The Nitto Motivo All-Season tires felt amazing! The new technology of siping they use allows the water to be moved from under the tire without loss of traction and stability. I experienced no hesitation from the tires when accelerating, braking, or cornering on the slippery track. The traction and stability I felt while driving over packed and loose snow and ice felt as though I was on pure asphalt, without feeling any loss of power or braking ability. Their NT90W's performed the same. The main difference was seen in the stopping distance of the Motivo versus the NT90W. The NT90W stopped a whole vehicle length shorter than the Motivo's, but both had great handling during braking and I felt no feedback in the steering wheel.

Driving in these cars over the snow and ice was a breeze with both of Nitto's tires, as they have designed them with new technology that gives them stability and traction, even in bad road conditions. I really admired how safe and in control I felt with these tires. It seems as though Nitto has done a fantastic job in designing and creating both the Motivo (their all-season tire), and the NT90W (their winter tire).

Thank you to Nitto for teaching a SoCal girl about winter driving!

For more information on where to purchase Nitto Tires, please visit their website at the following link:


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