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June 12, 2013

AskPatty’s Father’s Day Car Care Gift Guide

Most of us car gals learned about cars at the hip of our fathers while they were working on their own cars. Some of us learned to appreciate cars because we had brothers or boyfriends or husbands who were into them. With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s a good time to show some appreciation to the men who shared their automotive knowledge with us. According to the Car Care Council, almost 70 percent of men do some kind of work on their rides, making an automotive-related item a great go-to gift choice. Whether he is your dad, husband, or other special man, here are some ideas for car-care-related gifts you can give him on Father’s Day.



Busted-knuckle-garage-mechanics-hand-salveSoothe his Muscles with Salves from Busted Knuckle Garage

I’ve always been a fan of the Busted Knuckle Garage because of their unique gifts for "wrench-twisting car guys, bikers, and wannabe's." Best known for their line of herbal skin care products, many of their web customers are ladies buying for their father, hubby, boyfriend, son, or brother.

The company's signature herbal skincare products include a variety of items, including Mechanic's Hand Salve, Mechanic's Muscle Easing Salve, Mechanic's Skin Moisturizer, Mechanic's Hand Salve/Lip Balm, Mechanic's Hand Cleaner, and Mechanic's Sun Block "Lube in a Tube" - all affordably priced from just a few bucks for littlest containers of lip balm/salve to $10 for a larger tin.

I'm not an herbal expert, but the ingredients looks delicious: Organic Arnica Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Bee's Wax, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Camphor, Essential Oils of Wintergreen, Ginger, clove, and a variety of Mints and Cayenne. Mmmmmmm.

The Muscle Easing Salve promises to work fast and effectively on muscle aches, joints, and tension, and claims to help heal sprains, bruising, and swelling. Rubbed on temples and the back of the neck for headaches, the Muscle Easing Salve stimulates circulation and healing, and leaves a little tingle behind, so be careful not to rub your eyes afterwards. And when he’s not looking, you can use his Mechanic’s Lip Balm/hand salve on your elbows and heels for extra skin softening.


Prolong-waterless-wash-super-protectantImprove his Vehicle’s Appearance with Prolong Shine and Protectant Products

Whether dad is working in his garage, going to a car show, or preparing to take out his car, boat or motorcycle for the day, Prolong offers products to give his favorite items a great appearance.

If Dad is wants to wash the boat, car, motorcycle, or RV before your next family road trip, Prolong's Waterless Wash & Shine is available for $7.99 in a 17-oz. bottle and will allow him clean his vehicle in less than 15 minutes. No water is needed thanks to special lubricating agents that spray on to encapsulate dirt, sap, tar, bugs, and sea salt residue and wipe away to leave a just-waxed appearance.

Prolong's Super Protectant beautifies and protects leather, rubber and vinyl surfaces from cracking in hot or cold weather conditions. Available in a 17-oz bottle for $8.99, it is water resistant so it won't wash off, and it blocks out elements with a durable shine for a longer lasting protection. To use Super Protectant, spray it on the chosen surface and easily wipe it away with a terry cloth towel.

Prolong can also be purchased online at But if you’re in a pinch and can’t wait for shipping Prolong products can be found at Pep Boys, AutoZone, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Parts City Auto Parts and many other retailers.


Light Up His Life with Lighting Products from Sylvania

Whether your Dad is older and his eyes are weary, or even if he’s a young whippersnapper, you still want him to be able to see far and clear when driving at night. Sylvania offers several products to help brighten the darkest roads, and they’re available at major auto parts stores.

Sylvania-headlamp-SilverStar-UtraHeadlight bulbs can dim up to 20 percent in two years – that’s a lot of lost visibility. And most don’t think to replace their headlights before they burn out but doing so will create a safer driving environment. A great gift that helps provide some added peace of mind when driving at night, Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA headlight bulbs are up to 50 percent brighter compared with worn standard halogen headlights, promising up to 40 percent more downroad visibility and up to 50 percent more sideroad visibility. That equates to about half the length of a football field! Usually priced at $49.99.


Sylvania-headlight-restoration-kitWith more than half of the 250 million cars on the road 11 years old or over, chances are many vehicles are driving around with hazy, clouded headlight lenses. The Headlight Restoration Kit from SYLVANIA helps reduce headlight glare by up to 70 percent and removes the hazy yellow appearance on lenses.  The key product differentiator is the UV Block Clear Coat, which protects headlights from future UV damage. Cost is just $19.99 -- and a little elbow grease. Everything is included in the box and you don't need to be mechanical to restore his lenses: You just need some time and some good tunes. AskPatty readers have a chance to win one of these kits for free! Simply tweet the best car care tip your dad ever taught you between now and 12:01 am EST Monday June 17th, and be sure to @AskPatty and @Sylvania to be randomly selected for one of five free headlight restoration kits!


Sylvania-silverstar-zxe-headlight-bulbs-bestSylvania has a great gift for the dad whose vehicle is all about style and performance, called Sylvania SilverStar zXe headlight bulbs. SilverStar zXe headlights feature a nanotechnology infused cobalt blue coating with xenon halogen gas technology to generate a color temperature that rivals the look and feel of high-intensity discharge lighting. Dad will get crisp illumination from a headlight that’s noticeably whiter than standard halogen bulbs for an immediate difference on the road. Also, a special mirror tip along with the cobalt blue coating gives these headlights a remarkable jewel-like shimmer, even when unlit. These headlights are 100 percent street legal and  meet all DOT requirements. Usually priced at $59.99, they are significantly less expensive than aftermarket HID drop-in kits.


Posit-science-Brain-HQ-fathers-dayKeep Dad Thinking Sharp with Brain HQ

Just as with physical exercise, brain exercise can help you improve your performance and feel your best. The exercises in BrainHQ have been proven in more than 70 published papers to improve cognitive function and benefit the quality of everyday life. When it comes to brain fitness training, BrainHQ claims to be the best in the class. Built by a team of top neuroscientists, with exercises proven in dozens of published studies to make real and lasting improvements in brain function, BrainHQ can be your Dad’s personal brain gym.

Not sure? You can try BrainHQ for free right now, or from now through June 16, 2013, you can buy an annual BrainHQ subscription for $96 and get a second one free to give to your dad for Father’s Day--or to anyone else you care about.


Men's-Black-Label-Dopp-Kit-by-HarveysHow About A Matching Wallet from Harvey’s Seat Belt Bags?

Around here at AskPatty, we consider Harvey’s SeatBelt Bags to be the ultimate car gift for the ultimate car girl. Well, they’re not just for the ladies: You can get your guy a wallet, ipod or ebook case, computer bag, traveler’s dopp kit, or a roomy overnight or weekend bag made from the same durable seatbelt strap material as the gorgeous bags we cargirls love so much. Made in the United States and carrying a lifetime guarantee, these special Father's Day products from Harvey's are available in a variety of masculine denim and dark colors just for him. Don’t miss the black trucker wallet that affixes to his belt loop with a chain. Ranging from $58 to $228



Valvoline-instant-oil-change-centerChange Things Up With an Oil Change by Valvoline

Preventive services -- like an oil change -- can keep any engine running longer. Your dad probably took your car for its first oil change (or did it himself!), so why not treat him to an instant oil change in about 20 minutes or less at a Valvoline Oil Change center for Father’s Day? With more than 850 locations nationwide and more than 70 offering $15 discount coupons in Southern California, you’re sure to find one located nearby. It’s also an eco-friendly Father’s Day gift, because many Valvoline locations also offer NextGen oil, a recycled (50% re-refined) oil that reduces the need for new drilling and crude oil refining. The re-refining process cuts fossil fuel use, lowers emissions, and reduces environmental impact versus crude oil refining. NextGen motor oil delivers the performance and protection you demand for your car or truck at a level of quality that exceeds industry specifications. That means there is absolutely no difference in the quality of NextGen motor oil, compared to other high-quality Valvoline motor oils.



Escort-passport-iq-radar-detectorWatch Out for Dad While He’s Driving with Passport IQ Radar Detector by Escort

Escort’s Passport IQ is the world's first and only automobile accessory that integrates state-of-the-art radar/laser detection, speed camera and speed limit information, 3D GPS navigation, and more, to protect Dad from unwanted tickets and guide him safely to his destination.

Escort’s Defender data is preloaded and provides audible and visual alerts for speed traps, red light cameras and speed camera locations for North America. Its AutoLearn™ feature automatically learns and rejects false radar sources based on exact location and frequency, and new proprietary threat-signal ranking (TSR) software intelligently sorts, ranks, and rejects flow monitoring false alarms automatically.

Suggested retail is $499.95 for the Passport IQ and $19.95 for an annual subscription to the Defender data. You can take Dad on a 30-day worry-free test drive or trade in any current ESCORT detector, Passport 8500 X50, or Solo S2 for an $80 discount when you purchase any new ESCORT Radar Detector.


Bolt-family-of-locks-sKeep Dad’s Stuff Safe with Bolt Lock Technology

Bolt lock technology offers one-key lock technology, enabling Dad to permanently program a variety of locks to only his vehicle ignition key and eliminating the need for multiple keys, which can add weight to an already overworked key ring.


Bolt offers receiver locks, cable locks, and padlocks, that can be keyed to just one vehicle ignition key enabling dad to secure gates, doors, toolboxes, spare tires, trailers, and boats -- among other items. And a single key can easily be programmed to several different truck, trailer and equipment locks, saving both time and expense.

All Bolt locks feature automotive-grade technology and material, such as a six-plate tumbler sidebar and a large cylinder, making them nearly impossible to pick. And with the highest corrosion-resistance rating on the market, BOLT locks promise high quality and durability.

Find a Bolt retailer near you by using the zip code finder, at your favorite retailer like Summit Racing Equipment, 4-Wheel Parts stores, Quadratec,, Auto Value, and Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts, or from the BOLT website at



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