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May 15, 2013

Sixth Annual Jeep “Go Topless Day” is May 18, 2013

Go-topless-day-13The 6th Annual Worldwide Go Topless Day for Jeep Owners is this weekend, on Saturday May 18th, 2013, and everybody is invited! No, ladies, we’re not suggesting you drive without a shirt! Jeep Go Topless Day is the day Jeep owners take the top off their Jeeps to show the world their love for their Jeep, their Jeep spirit, and the sense of fun and adventure that comes with owning a Jeep.

“It’s a Jeep thing,” those fun-loving Jeep folk say, and while others might not understand, Jeep owners love the fun attitude that comes with owning these vehicles: They nod their heads, tip their caps, and smile and wave to each other as they pass on the street. They love the outdoors, and they love their fellow Jeep owners!


GTD-PHOTO-WINNER-SCOTTSo, how do you participate in Jeep Go Topless Day?

Keep your shirt on and TAKE THE TOP OFF YOUR JEEP! If you’re a Jeep owner, that should require no explanation, but even if your Jeep’s top won’t come off, feel free to join the festivities being held around the world by Jeep clubs and groups. Jeep organizations around the globe are supporting the day with picnics, trail runs, trail clean-ups, and social events. Click here to see the list of national and worldwide events and find out how you can get involved.

Jeep-go-topless-from-Stephanie-Lerman-facebookTake a photo and submit it to the Go Topless Day photo contest! Click here to find out how to enter.  The best five photo entries will win $50 gift certificates to and a FREE Limited-Edition T-shirt (also available for just $16 bucks). You can also follow Jeep Go Topless and share your photos on Facebook.

Own a Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Comanche, Commander, Compass, Liberty, Patriot, Wagoneer, or other hard-top Jeep? The fun folks at know you’re topless in spirit so feel free to enter their contest with photos of your hard-top Jeep. (Just think creatively when you’re taking your photos!) Want to see the photos others have submitted in the past? Then check them out in the Go Topless Day Photo Album.

You can even get a free “Go Topless Day” Bumper sticker! Simply send a self-addressed, stamped business-size envelope to: All Things Jeep, GTD Sticker, Two Shaker Road, Unit F101, Shirley, MA 01464 and they will send you a cool bumper sticker for your Jeep.


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