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May 22, 2013

Blind Curves: a Woman's Journey from C-Suite to Bike Seat

Blind_curves-341x500Just in time for May Motorcycle Awareness month is a book that includes a Harley road trip about a baby boomer’s unusual journey to reinvent herself and answer, “What now?”

Beautiful, fit, happily married, and successful, former Citigroup executive and motivational speaker Linda Crill was – and saw herself – as the kind of woman who could make things happen. But after losing her husband at 57, the identity Crill held closely no longer seemed to fit. Like many of us, she found herself asking, “What now?"

Desperate for change – and in a fit of rebellion – Crill signed up for a 2,500-mile road trip down America’s Pacific Northwest coast with a group of experienced motorcycle riders. At the time, Crill had never ridden anything more powerful than a bike.

"When the unexpected occurs, the answers we are searching for are often found around 'blind curves'—the unknown,” Crill says. “This trip opened my eyes to a new way of being and became the catalyst for recreating my life.”

In her unique and insightful book "Blind Curves", Crill transforms herself and her readers by:
  • Tackling unexpected, unwanted, and undeserved change
  • How her unusual road trip tested her personal identity 
  • Blind Curves – answering “What now?” by embracing the unknown
  • Her advice for reinventing yourself and breaking down doors labeled “not me”

Linda Crill is a sought-after Washington DC consultant and motivational speaker who has worked with Citigroup, Cadbury-Mott’s, Goldman Sachs, Marriott International, Inc., and several other Fortune 100 companies, universities, non-profits, and government departments and agencies. In Blind Curves, Crill describes her unusual road to reinvention and shows readers how they too can answer “What Now?” Blind Curves (Opus INTL, March 2013, $16.95) is available at and other online retailers.

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Jody DeVere
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