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May 08, 2013

AskPatty’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Auto-Themed Gift ideas for the Car-Loving Lady

Askpatty-mothers-day-gift-guide-thinkstock152504977Mother’s Day is that day each year for us to honor that special Mom in your life: Whether you’re choosing something special for the mother of your children or for your own mother, AskPatty has plenty of advice to share on gift ideas she is sure to love.

Choosing the right gift can be a challenge, so we've gathered up some gift ideas that should be perfect for your car-loving Mom. Some are practical, some are elegant, but all of them will please a Mom-on-the-go -- regardless of whether she's cruising a beatup old minivan, or tearing up the tarmac in something sportier.

Harveys-tough-love-diaper-bagClothing and Accessories

What car-loving woman wouldn’t also love a Harvey's Seatbelt bag? New colors include juicy Grapefruit and Mint, and a new braided style called “Sophia” just joined the product line this month. Among the most-popular bags in the Harvey's line are a collection of 100% recycled seatbelts called "Treecycle":  Fully lined with hemp fabric imprinted with eco-friendly inks, the Treecycle line includes small wallets ($78) and messenger bags ($98), full-size totes, and satchels ($118). It’s been many years since I have carried a diaper bag, but I absolutely adore the “Tough Love” diaper bag ($198) in shades of pink. I love my cranberry red messenger bag and the attention it gets from others who are attracted to its lovely but durable appearance! Plus, Harveys bags are handmade in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Porsche-Colours_messenger_bagDriver's Selection by Porsche Design presents a range of Porsche-branded clothing and lifestyle accessories that share the same timeless elegance and sporty design as the Porsche vehicles do. This stylish range of products offers something for every Mom’s taste, as well as a variety of producs meant for travel and leisure. Need a gift idea for her? A new Porsche purse/computer bag, colorful messenger bag, or Martini sweat jacket would be my choice, but if you're looking for something to brighten her office, then take your choice from an assortment of Porsche-styled office accessories including notepads, coasters, and mugs, and even car-shaped USB sticks and computer mice.


Driving Safety

Mom’s safety is always your priority, whether she’s at home or driving in her car. Consider these following products to make sure Mom is safe in and around her car, no matter what the circumstances are.

Nissan-Around-View-rearview-monitorInstalling an aftermarket rearview camera system is a great idea because, according to, more than 50 backover accidents resulting in at least two deaths occur every week, so it's a matter of safety for Mom and her family. While the primary goal of these rearview camera systems is to provide a view to the rear while she’s parking or backing up, they offer a significant safety advantage because they can help Mom see a child, pet, or hazard in the blind zone behind her vehicle. Whether you want to help your lady keep your children safe or to fit her car into that tight parking space, the Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera gives her a window on the world behind her car. When combined with the Magellan backup camera, the navigator will switch from navigation mode to rear view mode, allowing Mom to see what is behind her car – including young children, pets, and toys. 

Askpatty-mothers-day-automotive-gift-guide-onstar-FMVWhile OnStar is factory installed in all General Motors vehicles, OnStar FMV is an aftermarket product that replaces Mom’s rearview mirror with one sporting the familiar OnStar Blue and red emergency buttons. It also gives her car all the core features of factory-installed OnStar, including Bluetooth connectivity, 24/7 emergency services, roadside assistance, turn-by-turn navigation and stolen vehicle location assistance. OnStar FMV is an ideal way to make sure Mom is safe in her car wherever she goes.

Emergency-car-care-kitMake sure Mom is safe wherever she travels by giving her a special car emergency kit. Safety Kits Plus is a leading supplier nationwide of Emergency Preparedness Supplies such as car emergency kits, first aid kits, and disaster kits. No matter what your budget, they've got a variety of car emergency kits  to suit your needs, from giant kits with more than 70 pieces for about $50, to smaller more compact kits that will fit in her glovebox for less than $10. From jumper cables, air compressor, screwdrivers, first aid supplies, flashlights, duct tape and bungee cords, they've got any kind of safety kit you can imagine. The whole family will feel safe knowing Mom is prepared for any roadside emergency!

Auto-Tex-Pink-Wiper-BladesNo gift guide would be complete without these high-end AutoTex Pink wiper blades that not only keep Mom’s windshield clear, but also support breast cancer research. Available in black and pink, a portion of every sale goes directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the United States or the Breast Cancer Society for Canadian purchases. Giving Mom AutoTex Pink wiper blades is more than just a gift; it’s a selfless commitment and an investment in life-saving change.  



Exotic Car Driving Experience or Racing School

If your Mom is anything like me, she yearns to get out of her practical family car and get behind the wheel of an exotic supercar and drive it like the pros do in the movies. Here's a chance to put your special lady behind the wheel of her dream car on a real race track where he she can push the car to its limits. Whether she wants to take hot laps around a race course in an exotic Ferrari or Lamborghini or put the pedal down in an Audi R8, or Corvette without worrying about a speeding ticket; Cloud 9 Living can give her the chance to do something you know she’s always wanted to do -- but would never buy for herself.

For women who want to do more than just drive a few hotlaps, consider giving her an educational driving course such as the Porsche “Women’s Only” class designed exclusively for women drivers.  What’s different about the “Women’s Only” course? Very little! Bathroom breaks are a little longer, but the instruction is the same as what’s offered in the regular schools. At PSDS, Mom will enjoy more track time than at any other school, and she is sure to leave with a smile cemented on her face, as well as real-world performance driving skills.


Askpatty-mothers-day-gift-guide-carwash-thinkstock121176143Car Care and Detailing

Short on cash but have big intentions? Then detail Mom’s car for her! TurtleWax offers an entire collection of car care items that will help you detail Mom’s car at an affordable price. Turtle Wax's ICE Total Interior Care can be used to easily clean its interior surfaces -- including carpeting and upholstery fabric, soft-vinyl or leather, and hard dash and door panels.

Turtle-Wax-scratch-repair-kitIf Mom’s paint has small dings or scratches, consider a paint repair pen like the Turtle Wax Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit. Such a kit can easily remove light scratches from small to larger areas. For deep scratches, using the kit along with matching touch-up paint from the dealership helps to improve the final appearance, making repairs nearly invisible and as smooth as the original paint job.

Sylvania-headlight-repairHow old is Mom’s car? Are its headlights showing their age? Over time, plastic headlight lenses can become hazy and cloudy, and can even contribute to vehicle accidents as they can significantly reduce the emission of light and limit nighttime visibility. You can easily restore Mom’s headlights to “like-new” with just a little elbow grease and a pre-packaged kit such as this one from Sylvania, where replacing the entire assembly can cost $300 or more.



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