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April 01, 2013

Mini Cooper offers new "Connect Us" app

2013-Mini-CooperLooking for a new car? How about a new date? Mini Cooper can help you with both!

Thanks to Mini's new "Connect Us" app, your new Cooper can also find you the perfect partner for your next dating adventure. Mini's innovative connectivity app --available for download exclusively on April 1, 2013 -- features outstanding profile matching using analysis of restaurant tips, favorite points of interest, news feed choices, Facebook posts and, of course, driving style (as recorded by the Driving Excitement Analyzer).

Mini-cooper-connect-us-app-2The latest version of the Mini Connected App is playing cupid to make Mini Cooper fans’ dreams of finding the perfect partner come true. According to Mini, the 'Connect Us' app is like no other dating service on the planet – and can only be used in a Mini, saying, "This is not just the world’s speediest dating service, it is also the most reliable."

Here, at last, is a matchmaker that goes beyond personal interests, favorite activities and how you like to spend your free time – and gets down to the nitty-gritty: driving style. Connect Us compares how drivers like to treat their accelerator, steering wheel, and brakes (as deduced by the Mini Driving Excitement Analyser) in the search for a compatible co-driver on the journey of love. Only if it detects a meeting of minds on the matter of driving fun will the app oil the wheels of romance between Mini fans. The Driving Excitement Analyser function of the Mini Connected App has been available for several weeks as a free download from the Apple App Store. But if this application sounds interesting, don't dawdle:  the Connect Us app can be downloaded on one day only: April 1, 2013.

Mini-cooper-connect-us-app-3“Get connected, get matched up, get dating” is the name of the game when it comes to using Mini Connected’s vast well of possibilities to steer your way to love. By hooking up to the internet via their Apple iPhone, Mini drivers can use the Google Local Search service to find restaurants, bars, and popular sights, and keep in touch with friends via Facebook, then share ratings using foursquare.

A user’s selections say a lot about their personality. But it’s only when you get behind the wheel, of course, that people get to know the real you. And that’s why the Connect Us function also checks out data collected by Mini's Driving Excitement Analyzer to deliver a precise comparison of drivers’ sprinting prowess, cornering ability, and braking strategy. And only then, if two Mini drivers are on the same wavelength in how they handle their car, will Connect Us invite them to meet up in person.

Like all Mini Connected App functions, Connect Us is simple to use and intuitive to navigate – in familiar Mini style – by means of the Mii joystick, multifunction steering wheel, and onboard monitor. Assuming their car is fitted with the Mini navigation system, all Mini drivers need to do after activating the Connect Us function is specify whether their perfect match should be male or female and how widely they wish to cast the net. Everything else is taken care of by Mini Connected – including, for example, a table booking at a restaurant that is guaranteed to be up both drivers’ street. The meeting point is then located by the navigation system; after all, if Connect Us had a motto it would surely be: “The MINI seeks so that its drivers shall find.”


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