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February 06, 2013

Introducing Armor All Custom Shield Coating: Custom Vinyl In a Can, and More!

KG_AACS_2I recently had the opportunity to test a brand-new product from Armor All. The company that produces a wide variety of vehicle cleaners, protectants, and more has just introduced this all-new product which has more uses than I can hope to count in the span of one review, but suffice it to say this: the Armor All team has one heck of a versatile product here. This is a product whose aim is both cosmetic and utilitarian – it protects, while giving you a look similar to what you'd get at your local custom shop. Let's take a look at just what this stuff does, and how mind-bogglingly useful it could be.


KG_AACS_3First and foremost, this product is all about protecting your finish, and that's where I'll start. One of the samples I received was the clear variety, which may not look very impressive, but I sure had a perfect opportunity to use it. On the week I was to sample this stuff, we had a run of nasty weather in the mountains of Appalachia where I live. A week of flooding that culminated in a pretty climactic nine inch snowfall (more higher up – we lucked out there) effectively delayed my road test, but also presented an opportunity. Once this weather was passed, our roads were a mess of slush, salt, and generally nasty stuff. Now, I don't need to tell any of our regular readers of the importance of protecting your vehicle's finish from the damaging effects of road salt, but today I get the distinct privilege of showing you a great way to prevent it.

KG_AACS_5This stuff is truly the only thing in its class, I've never seen anything like it. Armor All Custom Shield Coating comes in a can that looks like any other aerosol can, except it's a little larger. This product, once sprayed onto your car, forms a solid coating shielding your car from everything outside. It's hard to see with the clear version, but I used it to coat my quarter-panels to protect them from all the muck on our roads after our bout of inclement weather. Once it's on, it will protect everything under it for three months. Here's the best part, and it's pretty unbelievable: once you decide you want to replace of remove the Custom Shield, it simply peels off, just like vinyl.

A word to the wise, here – make sure you follow instructions and apply four complete coats, letting each dry in between. If you don't, I could see with a test patch that peeling Armor All Custom Shield Coating off would be more like peeling a sunburn than peeling a sheet of vinyl. With four good, even coats everything works just fine.


There's another side to this product that is just amazing to me – it is a cosmetic product as well as a protectant. Available in several colors (clear, white, black, and grey), you can use this stuff to do a wide variety of custom work to your car in the comfort of your own driveway, and it's easy. I can't stress that enough. Armor All Custom Shield Coating, a wiping cloth, and a roll of painter's tape are all you really need, but if you're anything like me, a little strip of tape isn't much of a margin for error. Full disclosure, I used a sheet of posterboard for overspray, and had my trusty spouse hold it as I applied. I am certain that it saved me some frantic wiping, so you may want to plan on doing the same if you're not an experienced painter. I went with a classic racing stripe, but you can also do a sweet two-tone effect, a custom wheel treatment (to protect your wheels from road-grime) or, if you get really creative, you could stencil on any number of custom designs.

KG_AACS_8For ease of use, Armor All Custom Shield Coating gets top marks. Just spray onto a clean, dry surface 6-12 inches away using even, overlapping strokes (after taping off as necessary for your job), let it dry, and repeat. As above – to be sure, make sure you do four good coats, allowing time to dry in between. Before you remove the tape, spray the edges one last time – you want wet edges for clean tape removal, otherwise it tends to want to pull up what you've already put down. Once you're done, marvel at your own abilities as a custom shop artist, and drive with pride for up to 3 months – then re-apply, or change it up with a whole new look.

To learn more about the brand-new Armor All Custom Shield Coating, get ideas, see pictures and videos, or to buy a can for your own DIY custom project, visit and use promo code SPRAY1 (all caps) to qualify for FREE shipping for your order! The sky is really the limit with this stuff. AskPatty has spoken. Armor All Custom Shield Coating is Awesome!

Kaeli Gardner


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