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December 10, 2012

No Barking While Driving!

Driving_Dogs-TrueCar_PricingSo, there's an animal charity in New Zealand that taught three rescue dogs how to drive cars in an attempt to show potential pet adopters how smart these driving dogs could be. Go ahead, watch the video. It's adorable.



In case you need one, provides a witty excuse to offer the boss when you get caught watching these driving dogs at your work computer. We don't need an excuse to watch videos of dogs driving cars here at AskPatty, because we consider things like that to be "research." In fact, as part of our research, we discovered an entire YouTube channel dedicated to the adventures of these driving dogs -- Porter, Ginny, and Molly -- and their specially equipped Mini Cooper S at The DrivingDogs.

Driving_Dogs_Mini_Cooper-TrueCar_PricingResearch Safety Technology

Just because you might be able to teach Fido to how to steer, shift in and out of park, and press the pedals, does not mean that you should rely on your dog to get you safely home after ladies' night out... Especially if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of squirrels.

Instead, read "5 Must-Have Safety Features and 5 Nice-to-Have Safety Features" to help you find other, more-useful technology and then research the vehicle’s safety features and safety ratings before you make your purchase. You can see what safety options (and other options) are available on almost every make/model of a car by visiting, where you can also see what other people actually paid for that vehicle in your area in the last 30 days. 

Brandy Schaffels


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