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November 05, 2012

New device keeps thieves from stealing spare tire while saving you money

Spare Shield Installs in Three Easy Steps!

Three years ago there was a man sitting in a barber shop chair getting his hair cut.  While his whiskers were getting whisked away (little did he know) that a thief was removing his spare tire.  That man was the step father of Spare Shield co-inventor Ron Vari.   

Vari’s step dad’s truck was parked right outside the front door of the shop but he, “couldn’t even tell there was a thief steeling the tire until he left the shop walked out to his vehicle and saw remnants of the spare tire cable lying on the asphalt.  That’s when he realized that the spare tire, (located on the underside of the vehicle) was taken,” Vari said.  His step dad then drove to a local dealership and was hit with another ‘surprise’.  “He found out it was going to cost $500 to replace the stolen tire, rim, and spare tire cable.” 

The incident then motivated his step dad to, start sketching out concepts for a device that would deter and protect truck, SUV, and cargo van owners from having to deal with a stolen spare and the after-effects of the theft.  “He and I then sat down and for a year we figured out how to make the concept universal,” Vari said. 

Although most trucks and SUV spares are located underneath the vehicle, the cabling system to keep the spare balanced under the vehicle varies from model.  For example, “SUVs spares are kept underneath the vehicle but the wench used to lower the spare is located on the interior of the SUVs cargo floor. Therefore, the only person who can lower the spare is the owner. Truck spares are different because the tire is lowered by a crankshaft hole located by the rear bumper/license plate area,” Vari added.

Cable ProtectedThe Spare Shield consists of two steel cylinders which encompass the vulnerable cable that thieves are easily clipping to steal the spare.  The shield keeps the cable in place while keeping the tire from being removed. We, “made then made the cylinder large enough so it could accommodate any size tire cable (they also have it reinforced with four walls of steel).”  

 Once the inventors created Spare Shield’s universal design they then catalogued a list of manufacturer’s vehicles that the device could be used on.  The number of models that the Spare Shield works with is currently up to 95 SUV, truck, and cargo van models.  The spare tire protection mechanism is very user friendly, does not require any tools to install and usually only takes about two minutes to clamp it into place.  “The Spare Shield comes off with the spare tire and doesn’t need any special keys,” Vari said.

As of May 2016, the cost for an SUV Spare Shield is $99.99, “and we guarantee that it will never be cut through and that it will keep a crook from stealing the spare – one has not been stolen since we invented the product.  A thief would have to cut through four walls of the steel cylinder- which protects the cable and no one will spend the time to cut through it. It takes thieves less than a minute to steal the spare so we have added the element of time to deter them from removing it.

Vari sells his product for about a third of the cost of his competitors and says that the cost of the device is roughly 10 percent of what one would have to pay to replace the spare, rim, and cable. "The Spare Shield received its official patent in July of this year and we are very proud of the fact that the Spare Shield is a strong idea.”

Shield Install 1It is also a concept that will keep one from finding themselves in a possibly precarious situation.  A recent customer of Vari’s shared how she, ”could never imagine being road side (with a flat tire) on the interstate with her kids in the vehicle and then learn that there isn’t a spare tire on the car," Vari said. "I’m a family guy with two daughters and another on the way and when we started this, the driving force was and continues to be keeping families safe while saving them a boatload of money and keeping them from having to worry about their spare being stolen and the after-effects it can cause.”

For the Holidays Spare Shield will be offering a buy one get one free special on their product and will also get half off of shipping too.

To learn more about or order Spare Shield go to

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