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March 26, 2012

Toyota Presents: The Game of Life

Toyota-prius-c-commercialToyota has produced a series of videos that will ring true to anyone who, like me, played the ever-popular Game of Life growing up.  With humor and dry wit, they compare "real" adult life to the version played out in the board game - and of course, they bring it back to having the right "piece" to play the game. Now, for the uninitiated, in the Game of Life all the player tokens are cars, and they hold not only you but also your little plastic pretend family as you work to make your fortune (or just avoid bankruptcy).  The token Toyota recommends for the full-size game?  None other than the Prius c.  It's their hybrid / electric model and it's turning a lot of heads.

The series of videos has a lot of great information on car buying, they're very helpful if you've never bought a car, or even if you have and are considering shopping again.  I'll give you the first video here, but to see the whole series (and I recommend you do so) go to  The first video's past the jump.  Hit it!


Kaeli Gardner


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