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March 13, 2012

March: National MS Education and Awareness Month

MSlogo2As well as being Women's History Month, March is also dedicated to another cause near and dear to us here at Ask Patty: It's National MS Education and Awareness month, a month set aside by the MS Foundation to educate and bring awareness of this debilitating disease to the public.  Multiple Sclerosis, says the MS Foundation, stops people from moving.  Thei goal, along with organizations like United Spinal and others, is to make sure it doesn't.  

 Ask Patty, as many of you know, is an ardent supporter of both United Spinal and the MS Foundation, and is a sponsor of the annual Jon Lancaster Toyota Scion Bike MS ride and fundraiser, so we wanted to do our part in helping to spread awareness.  If you know someone who has MS, or have perhaps been recently diagnosed yourself, take a moment to read through these materials brought to you by the MS Foundation and United Spinal.  Even if you don't - take a moment to read them anyway. 

Take a moment this month to help someone with MS to keep moving forward.

January/February 2012 Issue
Creative Transfers: Tips for a changing body.
MS and Life Insurance: Can you get it?
MS Life: Fitness tips, research news, garden coaching, a Spanish-English resource, and a perspective on when MS runs in the family.
MS Minus the Waterworks:The Interstim implant for bladder control.
Riddle of the Sphinx … MS Style! (Cartoon)

November/December 2011 Issue
Tinkering with MS Theories: What if the Problem is in the Plumbing? Possible implications of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI).
MS Life: A new low-vision product, the Swank Diet, assistive tech experiences, research news, and a perspective on secondary-progressive MS.

September/October 2011 Issue
MS Life: The Baclofen pump, exercise tips, transferring advice, research news, and a perspective on the transition to scooter.

July/August 2011 Issue
Yoga for MS Relief: Research and personal experience.
Seated Yoga: Pose Instructions
Gym Chains: An exercise fan with MS reviews Bally Total Fitness.
MS Life: Fighting fatigue, mindfulness meditation, home access, research news, and a perspective on swimming with dolphins.
Travel: Cruising with MS.

Kaeli Gardner



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