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February 01, 2012

Kia's Super Bowl Teaser Certainly Teases

As the Ask Patty coverage of Super Bowl ad teasers continues, today we take a look at the new teaser (in every sense of the word) from Kia.  Now - as a disclaimer, Kia's ads of late have been some of the most memorable and well done ones.  I've featured their now famous hamsters on the blog before, and applauded them for making memorable commercials that appeal to females and males alike, and resisted the urge to be provocative and sexist (see Fiat's J-LO ad for reference).

Now, Kia, I'm going to have to call this one like I see it - I'm afraid I'm not going to like your Super Bowl ad.  I still hold out hope that you'll surprise me, you seem to be a female conscious brand, but this teaser doesn't exactly instill me with faith.  See for yourself:


Short and sweet, I know.  Adriana Lima (who is apparently a supermodel of some sort?  I'm not up on my model-ology), clad in a tight and quite revealing... garment of some sort, her hair blowing in the wind, waves a checkered flag for a few seconds over the tune of "Mr. Sandman" and then, "See you on sunday," and that's that.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The days of objectifying scantily clad women and using them to sell cars should be over by now.  Haven't we all gotten past that?  Are consumers still so gullible?  Add to that the fact that women are the majority car buyer in North America today and the fact that ads like this are even considered is beyond my understanding.

Now - again, I hold out hope that Kia will turn this around and spin it in a memorable and non-sexist way.  I really do.  I like Kia as a brand and as a company - I drive a Kia, and I love it.  Hopefully this is just the cliche'd setup to a joke, and I'll be able to say "Phew!  Well played, Kia.  Well played," on Monday.  Time will tell!

Stay tuned for more Super Bowl teasers all week long on the Ask Patty blog.

Kaeli Gardner

Adriana Lima


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