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January 19, 2012

OUTRAGED: A Story by Tammy Darvish

Outraged_Banner_160x600We always like to let you know when one of the Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly retailers does something cool, and this is one of those times.  Tamara Darvish is a vice president of DARCARS Automotive Group, a privately owned group of 34 franchises in the Washington Metro area, and she's written something pretty amazing.  It's called OUTRAGED:  How Detroit and the Wall Street Car Czars Killed the American Dream, and it's a story about how the auto industry's collapse in 2008 and the subsequent bailouts may have saved auto manufacturers, but ultimately spelled doom for many smaller dealerships across the country.  Check it out:

The “taking out” of America’s hometown car dealers is perhaps the most misunderstood or little-known story of the decade, certainly of the last few years. The collapse of the “Detroit Two” automakers (General Motors and Chrysler; Ford is the third component that makes up the so-called “Big Three,” or “Detroit Three” automakers), and a temporary government group designed to rescue them set the stage for the events that transpired. The automakers saw new life. But a good portion of “Main-Street” car dealers were left to hang out to dry. Main Street and Highway 61 are used as metaphors for the rejected dealers, many of whose businesses were located on Main Streets or along highways in rural, small and midsize towns, as consultants pointed out. And dealers, as portrayed here, represent entrepreneurs everywhere, as symbols of the American dream.

Pretty heavy stuff -  but important stuff!  2008 and the resulting chaos was tough for everybody, but the best thing we can do now is learn from those mistakes so we don't repeat them again.  Ever.  Thanks to Tammy for penning this torrid tale, and contratulations to you from the whole Ask Patty team.  We hope it's a hit for you!

You can learn more about Tammy and her book at, and the book's available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon - plus, it's available on the Kindle.  Go get it!


Kaeli Gardner
Senior Editor



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