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December 09, 2011

Ask Patty Holiday Gift Garage: Pets

HolidayPattyWelcome back to another Ask Patty Holiday Gift Garage - last week the focus was on gifts for kids, but this week we're talking about some gifts for those furry kids, our beloved pets.  At a loss for what to pick up for that pet lover in your life, or even looking for something to make your own pets' holiday a little brighter?  Look no further than the Ask Patty Holiday Gift Garage - Pets edition!



DogIDCardsBark Buckle UP Pet Safety Kit - First and foremost, pet travel safety is very important to us at Ask Patty.  We love our animals, and we love our road trips, and if you're the same then you need the Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety kit.  The Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety Kit was designed to protect your pets if you are in an accident.  First Responders will locate the pet safety kit in your glove box and call your contacts to come get your pet plus inform them you have been in an accident.  Plus - it is absolutely positively free, so get yours today.


1-acpCanine Calendar for a Cause - Benefitting humans as well as being a perfect gift for dog lovers,  this is a beautifully crafted sepia book/planner/calendar featuring more that 150 dogs that are helping find the cause to lead to a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Photographed by leading photographers, there are doggie recipes, amusing maxims, and wonderful photos. The perfect gift for the Dog-Lover in your life. The Accelerated Cure Project for MS, Cincinnati Cause Chapter.




AKC_Pet_First-Aid_Kit_displayAKC Pet First Aid Kit - Expect the unexpected. The American Kennel Club® Pet First Aid Kit is an invaluable resource to have on hand in those unexpected pet emergencies. The pet first aid kit includes all the necessary items commonly needed to quickly and effectively treat your pet in an emergency or pet injury. This pet first aid kit is very affordable and comes in an attractive, easy-to-carry case.


896458001344CEco-Me Natural Cat & Dog Care Products -  Great all natural chemical free products that are safe for your pets. Clinically tested and proven safe and effective. Mix up your own natural dog flea spray, treats,Dry Shampoo and more!   These great kits provide you with the all-natural ingredients to make a complete line of pet care products.  You supply at-home ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda - and for those of you a little leery, I can personally vouch for this one.  Not only do we use these simple and all-natural solutions for our pets, but vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and salt represents the entire breadth of cleaning products we use at home all the time.  For the cat version of the kit, go here.


41v-pBplgaL._SL500_AA300_Automotive Bed for Stylish Travelers - For those animals who are always 'on the go,' even while taking a nap.  You can't go wrong with this Malibu Dream Car pet bed!  Available in pink or navy blue, dogs and cats alike will feel right at home in the driver's seat of this car.  No safety harness necessary!



41M9Nz6b00L._AA300_Dogtek Eyenimal Digital Video Camera for Pets - Do you wonder what the world looks like from your pet's point of view?  Want to keep tabs on where they go, what they do, when you're not at home?  The Eyenimal digital camera is for you.  This camera, designed specifically for pets, fastens securely to your animal's collar and records their antics from their point of view, with sound.  This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to get to know their pets a little more.


Ipet-companion-home-version-493x276iPet Companion - Hands down, this is the coolest thing on the list.  A perfect gift for anyone who loves animals, even those allergic!  First of all, for those without pets who just love animals, for those with no time, health issues, or other barriers, the iPet companion website allows you to play with shelter pets in real-time via a video and interactive toy link.  These pets, who are adoptable, by the way - and if you're in the market for a pet yourself, please adopt a shelter pet and save a life - will connect with you in a very real way even though you're separated by miles of country.  This is why I love the internet. 

Second - and this is my favorite part - the iPet Companion Home Edition is a purchaseable iPet setup for your own home.  Want to check in on your pets while you're at the office, and even play with them for a bit?  You can do it with this.  Includes two interactive toy controllers, a camera, and a control box.  Once it's setup, you can use the iPet website to interact with your precious pets from anywhere in real-time... and so can your friends!  Now, these guys are so popular that they're actually out of stock, but it's just too cool not to mention.  The next production run is scheduled for March of 2012, and I'd imagine they'll sell out again fairly quickly.  Still - what a wonderful belated holiday gift this would be, right?


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Dogtek Eyenimal Digital Videocam for Pets


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