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October 03, 2011

Review: Escort Passport iQ Radar / GPS Combo - Drive Smarter!

Escort_PassportIQ More and more, consumers are using radar detectors to avoid the unintended ticket and to slow down for safety. Escort’s products, specifically the Passport 9500 ix and Passport iQ, are the world’s first and only combined radar detector/nav system and removes the need for two devices. The Escort Passport iQ I tested was set up to give me a quick notification when I’m entering a 25-mph school zone to make sure I’m not going too fast. It also lets me know when there are  red-light cameras, so I’m extra careful there. A more aware driver is a safer driver.

It definitely made me more aware of my bad habit of over-speeding! With my Passport IQ I can now "Drive Smarter".

This is my first radar detector experience and after a fews weeks of testing I would not drive without it. I travel quite a bit as well and this unit helps make my drives so stress-free and helps avoid getting an unexpected ticket. I've named my unit "Lola" and appreciate her pleasant voice to guide me to my destination and keep my speed in check. The Escort Passport IQ gives me speed limit data and warns me when I accidentally drift too far above the speed limit. I also like having the red light, speed camera and speed trap data to remind me to be careful. The navigation does a great job getting me to my location. The graphics are easy to read at a quick glance, and it's VERY easy to use. I was surprised there were so many "speed traps" to and from LAX, a route I take almost weekly.

Navigation is easy to set up and the directions are easy to understand and follow. It has many stores and restaurants in its database and you can add a new ones or "favorite" locations.

Simply entered the name of the location, select "area near me now" and it gives the route there.  It did a great job with address numbers too when I traveled out of town to a few very rural areas in New Hampshire and to the Barnsley Garden Resort in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountians, 60 miles north of Altanta, Georgia. I did not get lost and its 5 inch screen with large buttons was easy to use. Another feature is its speed limit information which covered all the backroads and highways. You can set it to alert you if you reach certain speeds and you can also set it to not give you a full radar alert unless you travel at a certain speed over the speed limit. This came in real handy.

Regarding tickets, it’s amazing how something as innocuous as going 10-over can be so expensive. At least in California, one speeding ticket and the resulting insurance premium hikes can more than pay for the cost of the detector which retails for $649.95.


Here are a couple more benefits of the Escort Passport iQ:

PASSPORT iQ™ boasts the following state-of-the-art performance and features:

• Personal navigation system comes complete with Navteq mapping, branded points of interest, speed limit data, and lane assist.

• AutoLearn™ feature automatically learns and rejects false radar sources based on exact location and frequency.

• New proprietary threat-signal ranking (TSR) software intelligently sorts, ranks, and rejects traffic-flow monitoring false alarms automatically.

• Cruise Alert feature offers modified radar alerts within specified speeds.

• Defender® Database stores thousands of red-light and fixed-position speed cameras throughout North America.

• Revolutionary AutoSensitivity™ mode provides real-time radar performance based on vehicle speed, plus Highway and Auto No X settings.

• Mark Location feature allows you to instantly "mark" known speed traps, cameras and other places of interest.

• Exclusive SpecDisplay™ provides actual numeric frequency for any radar signal.

• Selectable radar and laser bands allow you to customize which bands are monitored.

• Exclusive SmartCord for easy access to Mute and TrueLock™ features.

Includes ESCORT’s patented AutoLearn™ feature, which automatically identifies and analyzes all radar sources.  This technology allows the PASSPORT iQ™ to determine which threats are real and automatically locks out those that are false, including automatic door openers, motion sensors, and other sources that cause  competitor radar detectors to constantly false alert when no real threats actually exist

The Escort Passport IQ is a great all-in-one device, highly recommended by

  Jody DeVere President & CEO
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